Change is the essence of company growth – change to accommodate new opportunities, technologies, and goals. Expanding into a new industry is one of the best ways to nurture and develop your brand. Yet proving the worth of your agency to a new industry can be tricky. Lack of industry knowledge and inability to market yourself as a capable partner can blockade your entrance into a new sector. Learning how to attract end clients from an unfamiliar trade takes time, but these tips can speed the process along.

Offer Something of Value to New Industry Customers

The first tip for capturing the attention of a new industry is to offer something of value to your target audience. You cannot, for example, expect to entice clients from the automotive industry with products and services geared toward restaurants. You must adapt your strategy to attract clients within your desired niche market. Consider what will create the most value for the customer; is it a new product? Different services? Relevant content? Then, take steps to offer what your potential clients need.

One of the simplest ways to diversify your company is to add fresh content to your webpage and marketing campaigns. For example, insert the keywords and phrases related to your industry into your content to show up on niche-specific search results pages. For many agencies, including industry keywords is all it takes to garner new niche-specific foot traffic. Keywords go a long way toward creating value for a new group of customers.

Use Vertical Marketing

A vertical market is one in which companies offer goods and services to a group of customers with specialized needs. Any market where demand stems from a specific niche market is a vertical market. Vertical marketing, as coined by the digital marketing group Gravitate Design, is the act of tailoring content to a very specific target audience. By providing content that is hyper-relevant to a certain group, you can capture leads of a specific type.

Vertical marketing can be your “in” – your doorway into reaching a brand new target audience – when trying to add an industry to your agency list. Content marketing is where this method comes into play. Keyword-optimized content created for a distinct industry will improve your search rankings when prospective clients look for answers to their problems. When users click on your link, it will take them to a specific landing page – a vertical landing page.

Vertical pages relate directly to what the user searched. They give the user the exact information he or she needs to make a purchase then and there. This is in comparison to sending your users to your home page, where they may struggle to find the item they actually seek. You can then add links to other primary landing pages on your vertical pages, such as to your blog, services list, or contact us page. Gravitate Design has demonstrated what it calls a “micro-site” within a domain in this diagram:


By creating a micro-site within your main domain that specifically targets groups within the new industry you’re trying to entice, you will capture the appropriate leads. You will start to get hundreds of visitors who come to your page after performing an online search for the keywords and phrases you incorporated in your content marketing. Vertical marketing is a great way to capture highly qualified leads in a new industry and ultimately secure their business.


Prove Your Worth: Become an Industry Expert

Expanding your agency’s industry list isn’t as simple as clever keyword insertion and vertical marketing – although these will get the ball rolling. Once you capture your audience’s attention, you must prove your value as an agency for long-term acceptance as an industry provider.

When catering to a new industry type, your main goal should be to market yourself as an authority on a subject. Become a thought leader who has expertise in relevant industry-related subjects. This is the only way to retain end clients in your new industry. Here are three ways to prove your value to a new market:

  1. Price your services wisely. To position yourself as a respected company, you must price your goods and services to match those of your competitors. Do not undersell yourself in the hope of undercutting your peers – this can backfire and make customers perceive your brand as cheap or of less value. Learn the psychology of pricing to come up with a price point that’s best for you.
  2. Showcase your brand’s reputation. It’s the age of consumer reviews and word-of-mouth advertising, and your brand needs to prove it has a solid history of satisfied clients. Add testimonials to your website and feature your well-known clients. If you’ve won any awards, don’t be afraid to boast about them on your site as well.
  3. Know your clients. When targeting a new industry, nothing is more important than knowing your clients. Failing to take the time to understand what your clients want, need, and demand will result in your business looking like a pale imitation of your competitors. Spend extra time learning about the new industry. Create an ideal client persona and consider what this person would want from your company.

When it comes to proving your worth, a little extra effort goes a long way. You can sell your service to clients in a brand new market by first optimizing your search engine efforts and then demonstrating your value. With the right tools, making yourself desirable to new niches can be easy.

Partner with Expert Content Marketers

Proving your agency is worth every dollar the end client invests takes a bit of content strategizing. The content you publish must cater to your new industry. Lend expert advice, post blogs with pro tips, and invest in creating evergreen content – content that will be relevant to your clients for the foreseeable future. As a B2B agency, it is your job to convince new industries they need your services. The best way to do this is by proving yourself as a reliable and reputable industry resource via content.

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