Did you know that adding promotional products to the mix of your marketing initiatives can increase the effectiveness of your brand by up to 44%? In addition, a study conducted by L.J. Market Research found that 52% of participants given a promotional item ultimately did business with that company.

According to Arielle Kimbarovsky, as companies turn to Internet-only advertising and focus more on things like social media, they risk losing touch with their customers. She thinks that, to a certain degree, promotional products allow companies to connect with their customers more closely, develop brand recognition, and serve as a constant reminder.

In a blog last year called How NOT to Make Your Promotional Product Fail, I shared a checklist of things to consider when it comes to promotional products. In this digital age, it is good to revisit the topic of promotional products, given the impact they can have on your sales efforts. Therefore, in this blog, you will find the latest info on six things you should do to make the most out of your company’s promotional products and three things that you should not do.

Sources: Arrow Promotional, Veselina Dzhingarova, Valerie M., Anna Sork, and AMA Baltimore.

‘How to Win with Your Company’s Promotional Products’ Adding promotional products to your marketing mix can increase the effectiveness of your brand by up to 44%25. These products allow companies to connect with their customers more closely, develop brand recognition, and serve as a constant reminder. In this blog, you will find 6 things you should do to make the most out of your company’s promotional products and 3 things that you should not do. Find them here: http://bit.ly/WinPromProd

6 ways to win with your company’s promotional products

Below are six ways to make the most out of your company’s promotional products.

1. Keep your target audience in mind

Whether it is a particular campaign, initiative or event, it is imperative to know your target audience before choosing your promotional products. If you provide your recipients with items they will actually be interested in, everyone wins! Your money goes to great use, you are gaining brand recognition and you will probably see some ROI. Your recipients win because they receive a free product that they are into.

Define who your target audience is by:

  • Looking at your product or service. What challenges or problems does it provide a solution to? Which groups find the most value out of what you are offering?
  • Asking yourself about your customers’ common characteristics if you are in regular contact with them. What age demographic or job roles do they primarily fall into? What issues do they need solved? Why do they buy your products instead of someone else’s? What merchandise and apparel are on trend within that demographic?
  • Figuring out who your competitors are. What types of custom or branded merchandise do they have?

2. Consider the logistics of distribution

Determine exactly who should receive your promotional products and then determine how these products should be distributed. Once you figure out the best way to reach your recipients, make sure your promotional products fit the plan.

Example: a bulky, branded piece of apparel may not be a great idea for a trade show giveaway as people probably do not want to carry it around all day. Giving this product to employees as an appreciation gift makes much more sense.

3. Purchase high-quality items

The last thing you want is your company to be associated with low-quality products. Your target audience will associate the product and its quality with your service. Give out the best quality you can afford. That does not mean you have to spend a fortune on promotional items. You can use items that do not cost much (pens, USB drives, umbrellas or T-shirts) or buy items wholesale.

4. Give usable promotional products:

A trendy item may be tempting as a promotion, but it is usually best to stick with products that have a real function. Some of the most popular and cost-effective utilitarian products at the moment are cell phone wallets, full-color imprinted microfiber cloths used to clean screens and glasses, and copper insulated tumblers. The first two options are lower cost and provide value, but the tumbler will be a highly desired gift with a pricier investment.

5. Add a Call to Action

What is your objective when you give away your promotional products? For the recipient to visit your website or engage in your social media? Incorporate a call to action with the product and get something back in return.

6. Add contact information

A good promotional campaign should make people interested in getting in touch with you and doing business. This is only possible if they can find a way to get to you; that means you have to add your contact information on the promotional items, such as a hashtag, a website or a phone number.

3 things you should not do with your company’s promotional products

If you are thinking about adding promotional products to your marketing mix, do not do the following three things:

1. Do not wait until the last minute to order

Be aware that these orders take time, as these products are customized to make your brand stand out. By planning ahead, you will make the best product decisions, allow the creative process to really flourish, and have time to receive samples (as needed) without paying for rush delivery charges.

2. Do not use generic items

If you use items that people have already received a ton of (a stress ball or a cheap keychain), your product (and money) might just end up in the trash. If this is what happens to your giveaway, do not expect an effective impact. Make your promotional products useful, creative, innovative, and of a high quality.

3. Do not make it difficult to implement

Make sure your marketing campaign and the giving away of your promotional items are not overly complex.

Example: if you are exchanging a promotional product for an e-mail address at a trade show, choose a business card drop or a quick form on an iPad. The more difficult you make the process, the harder meeting your objective will be.

Improve your lead generation

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