What will marketing look like in 2017?I think marketing will be very conversational in 2017. It is going to transition toward being natural. Think about it for a second. Having a conversation or discussion is the most natural way for two people to communicate. This conversation will be the basis for leading people closer to us or pushing them away from us. The worse part we can do is ignore the conversation. Recently, I attended a conference where I only knew a few people. I had not been to this conference for awhile, and I did not recognize very many individuals in the room. As a result, I quickly went to the leaders in the room, and through one conversation or another, I was introduced to others at the conference. I believe this is the approach I need to work at in 2017.

How will content marketing change in 2017?

I believe the way I write content will need to change as I approach the new year. I am going to try some different approaches over the next few weeks and report back my findings. I really think content has become very stale and predictable. As a result, the value of most content has actually dropped. I believe I need to look closer at the approach I take toward communicating my ideas and instill some new, fresh processes to make that content come alive.

Marketing – Digital versus Print?

In the past, people led you to believe that if you were not moving toward digital you were behind the curve. There needs to be a mix. I use the car as an example. Today, you can do so many things while you drive. I can stream my iTunes music and podcasts through my automobile. This sure beats keeping CD’s and tapes in the car. Also, the oil and tire pressure displays are much more real and easy to understand. However, the fact is I still drive a car with 4 wheels. The basics are all there, but the experience has changed.

I think digital and print can come together and create a better experience, but it will take a lot of thought. If I can get this right, I can build a lot of momentum for the future.

What will a personal brand look like in 2017?

Personal branding is more important than ever. Look at the “Trump” brand. This brand is in the news every day. Mr. Trump isn’t paying for any advertising. Whether you like him or not, you have to agree he is getting people’s attention every day. People want to connect with great people. I actually see the value and power of creating a stronger personal brand. I think more leaders will begin to put themselves out there a little more by taking a more robust stance concerning their products, services, and people. I think leaders and companies will see a huge return in 2017 in this area.

What will client service look like in 2017?

Company representatives will need to continue to build and foster relationships with customers like never before. This area will be the differential for many businesses. Also, it will be critical for companies to continue to make this experience a better one by making it more convenient and straightforward. People’s time is their greatest asset. They want answers to their questions promptly, and they want to ensure their needs are recognized and valued by the company they are purchasing from. It starts with a conversation, and it continues by keeping that conversation alive.

What am I doing concerning marketing in 2017?

The list above was developed by carefully evaluating what worked and what did not work in 2017. In 2017, I intend on incorporating these principles into my marketing strategy. It is an exciting time in marketing.