Are you looking to motivate your own employees? Do you feel like your own company is lagging behind the rivals due to the low motivation levels? Or you need the audience at your event to be buzzing and engaged? Surely you have to make people interested in your products and services, and that can be hard sometimes. Oh and never forget how precious networking is. Either way, you’ll want to learn a thing or two about gamification and event apps. The troubles listed before can be dealt with by the power of an app. And your business can be enhanced by them too. So, read on about the powers of apps and gamification.

rawpixel / Pixabay

Ice breakers

Event apps and games are awesome icebreakers among co-workers/attendees. There is no better way to get to know other people than to have a friendly competition with them. It’s fun, it’s adrenaline-filled and it spurs opportunities for new bonds. The attendees at your event have an easy way to connect and interact with everyone in the room and you just need to make sure that the topics they’re covering match your and common interest of your company. There can be no good business without good relationships.

Have them engaged

Do you feel like your own employees are not engaged enough from time to time? Imagine a conference hosted by your company where attendees are not paying attention and your colleagues are doing nothing about it. Awful, right? Well, rest assured that apps will improve engagement. It doesn’t matter if it’s for an event or not. It will work. Event gamification provides your audience with an opportunity to both have fun and immerse themselves in productive activities. You know, it’s all about grabbing their attention and lasting in their memory. That’s what these games/apps can do.

Networking issue

It is common knowledge that many people come to your events for networking. Some employers send their own folks to network at other events. It’s nothing unusual. Meeting industry influencers, business partners and even interacting with potential prospects. These are all common for events of various kinds. Of course, the goal is there but the execution can be a bit tricky sometimes. Knowing how to approach others can be a pain in the neck and making a new acquaintance who is potentially a valuable connection is really hard at times. But, have no fear, event gamification is here. It nourishes networking by creating an environment that encourages communication. It makes it easier for attendees to approach each other, breaks down barriers and makes it fun to network. And these are only a few of the reasons how networking can be done.


Event apps and games aren’t just there to spark interest among the crowd and build trust, they are also there for presentations. A good alternative to the traditional software such as Prezi or Power Point can be a game incorporated in a presentation or a game solely made to present your ideas/products. It will increase engagement and participation and once you’re done, conduct a survey. This is a good way to present what you want and get feedback in the end.

Recognize the winners

You can even involve a few of your employees for this one. Prepare prizes for winners and inform them about the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow. If you do this, you will motivate everyone to try hard and thus make for a memorable experience. Of course, the goal here is to get them buzzing and learn something about your audience while they’re learning something about your new ideas. That’s how a business can grow and succeed. Utilize apps and gamification and take it to your own advantage. Interaction has never been more fun.


As an ambitious business owner or already experienced entrepreneur, you’ve probably recognized the potential of apps and games. Even if your business doesn’t deal mainly with software or something similar, you can spice things up by developing a game or an app that will surprise people and make them talk about your company.