I have this theory that it’s the people who surround you that define your success as much as you do.

That’s why I’m so glad to have people like @jordhy on my Twitter ship.

I’m flattered (right now, until I piss him off – an unerring ability of mine) to have him as one of my followers. The guy bleeds tech and more specifically, knows how to lord it when it comes to execution of the right plan at the right time with the right tool.

Care, share, tell, sell

Twitter in 20 steps, by @jordhy

One thing Jordhy Ledesma does – and does well – is make his point clearly.

To enunciate with compunction on everything that he’s experienced benefiting his spheres of influence and influenced.

Case in point: This incredible infographic (shown right) on how to use Twitter flawlessly as part of your business’ success strategy.

Generally I’m pretty bearish on infographics these days: They’ve gone the same way as webinars in the main, in doing a better job selling the provider than outing benefits to the reader.

But Jordhy‘s done me proud on this one, and reinstated my faith in a concept that could still be rescued from the burning car of self-aggrandisement.

You marketing isn’t marketing you

Jordhy markets himself without your knowledge, yet you know of him and know his appetite for making the world a better place.

He in many ways is the embodiment of you marketing.

I’m constantly harping on about why you need to separate yourself from the pack by focusing your marketing efforts on what makes you, you, to enhance the lives of your prospective partner-pals.

Services and products are effectively breathless masses of commoditised junk until animated by the individual charged with making the sale.

Now I look back I realise why I called my talk at Social Media Cafe Liverpool, Podcasting is the new Frankenstein. Shame I didn’t at the time.

Personality marketing is the single most effective way of building a sustainable success strategy for your business. Giving of yourself, revealing where the passion for your product began, and designing a marketing plan that puts you and your uniqueness front and centre of the brand.

People buy people

Mockingly of self I explained to the crew at #integratingsocial in Manchester last Friday that my show, Digital Daily, possibly infuriates 99.99% of the internet audience.

Barely worth bothering, then. Unless you dig deeper.

There are nearly 250 million active internet users in the US alone.

If 0.01% of the internet population in the US like Digital Daily, I have an audience of 25,000.

That’s the circulation of a large suburban newspaper.

And there’s every chance as people adapt to my quirks and nuances, I might grab another decimated percentage point.

50,000 and I can start talking to sponsors. An audience obsessed with tech is an audience rich in potential.

And I’m nothing special. So imagine what you could achieve when you start using personality marketing.

Tie it into the boundless power of the network effect, and we’re talking marketing on steroids, to use a worn out cliche.

So start putting you first

Your business mind minds your customers’ business – so share it to give them everything they need.

  1. Benefits are everything. Explain the positive outcomes of buying your stuff at every turn. Let your customers do the same on your Facebook Page or in user generated content elsewhere.
  2. Your history matters. We need to know you’re real and that you’ve been thinking about it and us for a very long time.
  3. Be honest, always. Transparency isn’t just for clean windows. Let us see what you see.
  4. Go try out Jordhy’s Twitter plan. Could be the smartest thing you do this week. And it’s your call entirely whether you T-Stalk @arrington