For marketers, the number of meetings we attend can sometimes feel overwhelming. For example, personally speaking, I am proud to take part in some of my organization’s most important collaborative sessions and decision-making processes. Between half-day strategic sessions and ad-hoc meetings, however, some weeks can feel a bit nightmarish.

I’m not the only marketer who feels this way. Research from software development company Atlassian found that 45 percent of employees feel overwhelmed by the number of meetings they must attend every month—over 60 meetings for most employees, or about two per day. Although there is no specific data on the length of these meetings, consider that even two half-hour meetings per day amounts to five hours per week.


Furthermore, the research found that the majority of employees feel half of their monthly meetings are wasted time. So, if five hours per week are spent during meetings, two-and-a-half of those hours would be considered wasted time that could be used to take care of high priority tasks.

Here are some meeting tips that can not only help create a positive and encouraging work environment for marketing teams, but also improve companies’ bottom lines:

Decide which meetings are necessary and which are not: As every marketer knows, every minute counts while on the job. So honestly assess what tasks, initiatives and objectives are worth a formal meeting. For instance, if you’re looking to strategically forge a new partnership in Q3, perhaps it is wiser to communicate via IM and email on an as-needed basis rather than scheduling weekly or bi-weekly meetings, which could unnecessarily chew up time.

Delete meetings you are not required to attend: If you have tentatively replied to a meeting and are leaning on the side of not attending, give yourself some peace of mind and remove it from your schedule altogether. Chances are you won’t be attending and now you won’t feel pressed by the impending calendar reminder that the meeting is just an hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes away.

Use your judgment when it comes to ad-hoc meetings: There’s a difference between a necessary impromptu meeting and a work distraction. Atlassian found that the average employee encounters over 50 interruptions per day and can spend up to two hours every day recovering from them. So, before you quickly call an employee or co-worker into your office, think about how that “meeting” can be better managed to ensure everyone’s level of productivity is at max capacity.

As every marketer—or professional in any industry—knows, some weeks are more hectic than others. That’s just part of the job; however, if your marketing team is feeling overwhelmed by meetings every week, it may be time to reassess your plan.