What can we learn about marketing from the Super Bowl? Even the most dedicated football fans can admit that a major highlight of the Super Bowl is the commercials. It’s the time of year where companies compete for the funniest, most original, and even the most infamous marketing ads. Now, occasionally some companies will go for the sentimental approach (never thought I would cry during a Budweiser commercial), but the majority of Super Bowl commercials go for the laughs.

And those companies get noticed.

Below are 4 reasons why using humor to market your business works.

  1. Subliminal Messaging.

A company with a sense of humor does more than make viewers laugh. It communicates that their business is filled with creative, witty, and risk-taking leaders that know how to effectively advertise. It’s why one-in-ten online adults choose to get their news from the Colbert Report, instead of other sources. When a message is delivered humorously, people are more compelled to listen.

  1. Brand Association.

The average American is exposed to hundreds of ads per day. If a prospective client is entertained by your marketing, they will be more likely to remember your company’s name. Instead of being a random ad that blipped in and out of their attention span, your brand is now a name they will recall with a smile.

  1. Word of Mouth.

People love sharing humorous commercials and ads with each other. If your business produces an entertaining marketing campaign that gets attention, you will soon be rolling in free advertising as viewers share and comment on your ad across social media.

  1. Customer and Employee Loyalty.

Customers and employees want to engage in a company they can feel comfortable and at ease with. If your employees enjoy their environment, they will deliver a higher level of work performance. In the same way, customers will sense the relaxed atmosphere that a humor-conscious company provides and trust that your business is well taken care of.

Too Long, Didn’t Read.

Your business should be a place where customers feel safe to spend their time and money. If you want your business to be taken seriously, don’t be afraid to lighten up. Humour is a proven marketing tactic to get your business noticed.