Despite what you may have heard, print advertising is alive and kicking. Whether it’s a magazine ad, direct mail, or even business cards. Print still plays a powerful role in placing your brand in front of your customers.

Here are a few of the valuable ways print can be a powerful tool. Either in your branding, marketing, or advertising toolkit.

Print advertising connects more on an emotional level with readers than digital. It offers readers a chance to linger over your product and its message in a way that other channels don’t. Print advertising provides prospects a tangible way to engage with your brand message.

Print advertising can also support your digital marketing. Strategic print advertising can drive traffic to your website. If your site functions as an ecommerce store. It can drive even deeper interaction with your brand.

Direct Mail

Direct mail presents a tangible experience for your customers. With print they can physically experience your brand and its message. Providing your customers a personalized medium for expressing your brand services and benefits.

Multi-piece direct mail packages offer many opportunities for customers to discover your brand. All in a single package.

Smaller direct mail initiatives

For Example: postcards, can be an affordable way to place your brand in front of customers you want to reach.

In addition, direct mail can serve as a measurable marketing tool. you can use direct mail to send customers to a landing page so that you can track responses.

brand identity

Business cards and letterhead

Creating relationships with customers is still a very up close and personal proposition. Make an effective impression by corresponding with both customers and prospects. Doing so with custom designed business cards and stationary. This can set the right tone you want to make.

Brochures and handouts

A well-designed brochure can serve as a powerful support mechanism for presentations. It’s one thing to stand in front of prospects and tell them about the wonderful product or service you can offer.

Increase the impression you leave with a brochure that has vivid imagery. As well as actionable content.

Downloadable PDF documents, or other gated content, are valuable tools for wooing customers. It also gathers valuable data for retargeting and prospect databases.

There are other ways these and other print materials can help you grow your brand and increase its reach.

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