A recent survey of marketing professionals revealed that approaches to marketing campaigns run the gamut in terms of technique, philosophy, and tools utilized. The one consistent theme across the board was the emphasis placed on knowing your market. Specifically, the marketing professionals were concerned with knowing how your market prefers to be contacted. For example, is your product such that a phone call is appropriate, or are you a better fit for email campaigns. Secondly, the marketing professionals highlighted how important traditional paper mail can be to your marketing endeavors. With so many companies moving to strictly email marketing or social media marketing, traditional mail has actually opened back up as a viable option for getting noticed. Because so many companies are sending less and less paper mail, the mail that is actually being sent is more and more likely to get noticed. This being said, postal mailing addresses are an important component to consider when buying an email marketing list.

Some email marketing lists include postal mailing addresses whereas others do not. Given the value-add that is returning to snail mail, perhaps it would be advantageous to ensure the marketing list you are purchasing includes both email addresses and postal addresses. Secondly, while you may not see a reason to have the postal mailing addresses today at this point in your marketing campaign, you might find that somewhere down the line you would have a great use for those addresses. It is always important to double check with the company from which you are purchasing the list as to the breadth of data that will be provided.

Marketing requires companies to change with the times and grow with the trends and sometimes this means going back to old ways of doing business such as the use of traditional mail. Your potential clients are being targeting from many different angles by many different businesses, which is why it is especially important that you devise a really strong message and go about putting that message in front of your clients in as many ways as is possible. Another great benefit of having postal addresses in your marketing list, even if you don’t intend to advertise via mail, is so that you have geographic information for these potential clients. You can then use this additional information for more targeted campaigns and more focused efforts. Whether by email or by mail, make every contact count.