Whether you’re an in-house marketer or a marketing agency professional, your time to invest in call tracking is now. Call tracking is more important than ever as marketers and company leaders strive to gain deep insights and effectively adapt to customer needs. Marketers can use Google Analytics, keyword tracking and social media to gain insights, but these tools fail to provide a full glimpse into a customer’s journey if call attribution insights are missing.

Call tracking software tracks marketing campaigns that drive calls to your organization. And without this closed-loop visibility into your specific marketing initiatives, you risk allocating chunks of your budget to campaigns that are not driving the conversions you need to positively impact your company’s bottom line.

Likewise, if you are not leveraging call tracking software, you’re not only failing to provide a holistic view of each campaign’s performance, but you’re also missing out on some extremely valuable insights. Phone call leads convert 30% faster and spend 28% more than people who contacted the companies through other means. As a marketer, your next question should be: How do we determine which campaigns are driving these rates? And that answer (plus more) can be found with call tracking software.

Smarter Optimization = Better Alignment

Call tracking allows you to report the true value of campaigns and actions they generate for your clients or your brand. Solely tracking online conversion actions only gives you half of the picture. You’re effectively missing out on a whole cohort of additional conversion insights from offline actions that could give your clients or your marketing team a better understanding of which campaigns are driving actionable interest among your target audience.

Once you’re looking at the full picture of your marketing strategy and pulling out what efforts or campaigns are driving leads and conversions and which are not, you can optimize your strategy accordingly. This also ensures you aren’t wasting your marketing budget on campaigns that aren’t feeding a solid return. Ultimately, the more insights you gather that reflect the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, the more you can optimize it to align more with your customers’ needs and generate more interest.

Provide Valuable Insights to Your Business and Clients

Tracking inbound calls can give you insights as to when leads call, where they are calling from, the lead source, digital channel, keyword and if the call results in a sale. But the real benefit to leveraging call tracking software is your access to valuable data points that otherwise would not be captured through a simple lead form. A few examples include:

  • Eagerness to buy.
  • Areas of concern.
  • FAQs.
  • Session data.
  • Additional contacts.

With a deeper understanding of the customers, their questions, concerns and level of urgency to buy, your marketing and sales team can tweak your call scripts and marketing campaigns to align with what you’re hearing directly from those who matter most: your customers. IBM reported that 78% of consumers don’t feel understood by brands, and even more shocking is that only 35% of respondents said their favorite companies sent “usually relevant” marketing campaigns.

There is massive room for improvement on consumer alignment, and leveraging a successful call tracking strategy provides you with all the information necessary to make the positive change within your marketing efforts.

Improve Collaboration Across Teams

While it’s imperative to ensure you’re aligning strategies with the needs of your customers, that doesn’t begin and end with the marketing department. Your internal team needs to be aligned as well, and that’s another area that call tracking supports.

Findings such as trends in lead quality — call times, geo-location and channel performance are just a few examples — can be shared across teams through reporting and analytics features. With reports, teams can access and share data and insights for a cohesive brand experience that resonates with your target audience.

In the puzzle we call marketing, every piece is crucial to success. If you’re missing only one piece of that puzzle, it still is incomplete. There is still part of the picture that is missing. The same goes for your marketing efforts. You need call tracking software to gain a comprehensive overview of what efforts drove the callers to your brand. Take advantage of call tracking software and the complete suite of conversation intelligence tools and features that some of these providers have to offer. Your customers will thank you for it.