Business Branding and the Perfect Dog

small business branding and the perfect hot dogNike is “just do it.” HubSpot is a whole lot of orange, unicorns and memes. Inbound Marketing Agents is all about helping small businesses crush their competitors and an unhealthy obsession with the perfect hot dog. Any company has a series of goals and objectives that have become an integral part of their corporate culture. You can often see these goals in mission statements. As an agency in the field of inbound marketing, we’re in the business of keeping an eye on the latest digital trends. We see some really innovative things and some other campaigns that should have been left on the cutting room floor.

Why Marketing Needs to Reflect Company Culture

Marketing is your company’s first step to bringing new business in the doors. Your product or service needs to reflect your marketing messages, and your company culture needs to back up both. How many times have we all heard that a company is based on delivering quality, but their products turn out to be less than stellar? The credibility of their management team and brand go right out the window. Your company culture needs to influence your employees and marketing. If you’re all about free shipping, drive it home. If your message is innovation, make sure your marketing messages reflect this.

Our Search for the World’s Best Hot Dog

As we’ve already mentioned, one of the factors that makes IMA different is the fact we’re always in search of the world’s best hot dog. While this may seem a bit off the wall, it’s a factor that bonds our team. I have just spent the last week in Las Vegas at a conference. There are all kinds of distractions in the city of sin, which include shows, casinos and oh yeah, the conference. I spent a fair amount of time doing was hunting for the best hot dog.  The whole time I was doing it, in the name of research, I was thinking about sharing the results with the team back at headquarters.

Well as you can image there are a lot of hot dogs in Las Vegas, everything from Nathan’s, to Hot Dog on a Stick, to Pinks and dozens of other bars and delis out there.  After eating my way through every dog that I could find, there is no doubt in my mind that the one that lives up to the hype and that exceeded my expectations was Pink’s.  Now maybe I’m a little biased as I great up in Southern California and was a regular at Pinks, but it still is far and away the best dog I’ve had.

What You Can Learn From Pink’s

First, a little backstory: Pink’s grew up in the days prior to the internet and grew to it’s current status as a cult classic mostly through word of mouth marketing.  The brand was founded in 1939, first as a hot dog cart and later as a small building, at the corner of Melrose Place and La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles.  The original stand is still there 73 years later.  Pink’s can now be found at 12 locations around the country depending on the time of year. Some of their early buzz can be attributed to the fact that the “stars” ate there, which they promoted by posting autographed pictures everywhere and naming dogs after some of their more regular visitors.

One thing has ensured their survival through all the years, and various no-sausage or no-bun diet fads, and the move away from hot dogs: their quality has never suffered.  They have a unique all-beef dog that is created just for them and a chili that you won’t soon forget.

Additionally, they knew from the start they had a good thing ,and they kept it the same all of these years.  Their recipes didn’t change; they didn’t try to squeak out a little extra margin by cutting corners.  Their dogs deliver a slight snap when you bite into them. I cannot recommend highly enough searching out a Pinks and using to round out your four food groups for the day. Maybe I’m just making excuses, but your protein requirement is met by the dog, your need for grains is met by the bun and you even get dairy from the cheese. If you need some extra veggies, have them throw on a few extra chopped onions. Pink’s has served me well all these years.

How Are You Better?

The moral of the story is clear: figure out how your company can be better and different, whether it’s through the world’s most hot dog-obsessed inbound marketing team or an unparalleled chili dog. Build it into your corporate culture and sell it through marketing techniques that fit the context right, whether that’s business blogs and social media for today or the autographed celebrity photos that mattered back in 1939.

What is Your Favorite Hot Dog?