you suckI didn’t graduate from college with a marketing degree. I have a degree in journalism and political science. And I’m glad, because if I had graduated with a degree in marketing…I may not know how to be a marketer.

Don’t be offended.

I’ve had dozens of friends, family members (including siblings) that graduated from school with marketing degrees. And universally they say that their schooling taught them nothing, or next to nothing, about being an online marketer on a day-to-day basis.

Sure, it taught them things about how consumers think, personalities of consumers, how to classify consumers, and how to communicate with different types of people generally.

But did their marketing classes teach them about analytics tools or measuring ROI?


Did their classes teach them about SEO and Google Algorithms?


Did their marketing classes teach them about running, optimizing, and analyzing PPC campaigns?


Did their marketing classes teach about retargeting, direct response marketing, setting up affiliate programs, or content marketing?

Generally, no.

I could go on and on and on. But the point here is obvious: marketing classes do not, generally, teach actual skills marketers use on a daily basis.

Why Do Modern Marketers Need?

Marketers need to be taught how to calculate ROI, methods for measuring ROI, examples of ROI and analytics solutions, different marketing channels and the ROI calculations that are appropriate for them.

After all, according to recent research, CEO’s are asking for ROI more than ever. According to marketing executives, the ability to effectively define and calculate ROI is the most important competency for modern marketers.

Why don’t universities teach this?

Why don’t they teach about Google’s algorithm? Why don’t they teach about content marketing and generating inbound leads?

So, while we’re certainly not arguing that marketing classes have no value, I am arguing that they could have more value.

Marketers unite! Change the marketing education system!