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Ever heard the one about the handyman whose own house is a DIY disaster?

Many digital agencies are simply too busy working on their clients’ marketing to focus on their own. But what if there was a reliable shortcut to winning new clients?

You work in a digital agency. Chances are you don’t spend nearly as much time on your own marketing as you do on that of your clients — especially if you are a small outfit without a dedicated employee to drive new business.

Yet 2015 is not a time to stand still. As more companies seek to differentiate themselves and build a consistent brand, businesses are setting aside a progressively larger pot for digital marketing.

In fact 77 percent of businesses are working with a larger marketing budget in 2015 than they did in 2014.

So what if you could get your clients to lend a hand with your marketing — without spending a penny?

Personal recommendations are powerful and they convert quickly

Many savvy consumers are skeptical. They take self-promotion with a pinch of salt. But when your agency is recommended by a personal connection, the affect is far more potent than anything you could have generated by blowing your own trumpet. In short: referrals work.

The numbers back it up. In a recent flash-poll we conducted during a webinar, we found that referrals were the most successful offline source of new business – with 90 percent of our respondents having gained new clients directly from personal referrals.

“One of the best ways to win business is through previous customers. If you can connect your prospects with people you’ve done a good job for in the past, that sort of personal recommendation is the best form of credibility.”

– Dave Chaffey, Smart Insights

Getting your clients to talk about you means being remarkable – in the truest sense of the word. Wow your clients with great work and they are more likely to recommend your agency to other businesses in their network. What more motivation do you need?

Testimonials add social proof to your proposition

However glowing an endorsement your agency receives, it is unlikely to seal the deal on its own. Your new lead will likely check out your website and begin to research more about who you are, what you do and whether you are a good fit for their business.

Good testimonials add social proof to your proposition and can give your lead the nudge they need to convert. The conversion power of testimonials should not be underestimated — especially if you have been working for high-profile clients. They establish credibility, build trust and show your prospect that you can do what you claim to.

Remember to use case studies too

Case studies are another way to show your prospect that your agency is the real deal. Think of them as an opportunity to demonstrate that your work gets results. Highlight tangible outcomes and how you got there. Keep them snappy. And aim to provide a well-rounded view of your agency, illustrating the depth and breadth of services that you offer. It’s a great opportunity to show that you are the right fit for a prospective client.

To wrap up…

The use of testimonials and case studies as marketing tools may seem old hat. But they should not be ignored. They are fast, easy ways to add social proof to your sales pitch and establish your credibility as a bona fide agency that gets results for your clients.