Business grown? Marketing becoming an uncontrollable beast? It might be time to outsource.

While outsourcing some or all of your marketing seems like a dream come true, finding the right marketing partner that can really get under the skin of your business, is not as easy as it sounds.

In fact, finding the right agency can be a lot like dating in 2018.

Appoint your next agency and find your perfect match.

Marketers hoping for better agency relationships must look beyond a reliance on the agency to manage everything. A bit controversial, but I believe that just like in love, the best relationships are a genuine, collaborative and productive team effort.

When briefing a new agency on your needs, don’t be afraid to show your cards. Your agency is on your side after all. Set the scene so they have the opportunity to listen, understand and identify your needs.

The best relationships are built on a foundation of trust while putting your best foot forward. It’s the agency’s responsibility to build rapport and trust, while at the same time outlining their capacity and capability to deliver on your requirements. But it’s your responsibility to be clear on what your problems are so your agency can help you solve them.

Setting the scene: when you don’t know specifically what you want (or need).

As the client, you aren’t expected to know the solutions to your problems. But having a thorough understanding of your previous and current situations is a big step in the right direction.

Other considerations:


Talk about competitor products and services. What marketing activity are they doing and are they doing it better? Include examples and/or weblinks.

Your market

Who do you want to talk to? Are they businesses or consumers? Describe why or why not you think they need your product or service.