When to Rerun or Clone Empire Avenue Missions

We’ve talked before about how you can use Empire Avenue missions to bring in new followers for social media profiles, as well as create some buzz around a specific social media post. Empire Avenue recently enhanced the Missions dashboard to include two new options: Rerun and Clone.

If you aren’t familiar yet with Empire Avenue, it’s an online game where members buy and sell shares of each other, and the value of your stock is partially determined by your social network activity. Using in-game currency, you can run missions which other members will complete for you, such as asking someone to retweet one of your tweets.

Log into your Empire Avenue account and click on Missions, then select My Dashboard. You will see a list of all the missions you’ve ever created, with the familiar Active and Archived buttons to the left of each mission. If you click on any archived mission button, you will reveal options to rerun or clone that mission.

Rerun Missions

As the name suggests, you can use Rerun to take a mission that has already been completed and kick it off again. When you create a mission initially, you predetermine who many rewards you’re going to offer, and therefore how many different people can potentially complete that mission. When you rerun it, you simply add more rewards, and specify how many to add. All other mission details remain the same. You cannot edit the size of the reward, mission title, description or URL. Additionally, anyone who completed the mission the first time will be ineligible to complete it again.

This is fantastic for missions where you’re asking people to Like your Facebook Page or +1 you on Google+ or other similar techniques to gain followers. Anytime you want to increase your followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, or even Instagram or Pinterest, simply rerun that mission and add some more rewards.

Clone Missions

Clones, on the other hand, are an easy way for you to save yourself some time when creating a new mission, if you’ve offered similar missions in the past, but need to change some of the details. When you select an archived mission to clone, it will be recreated and automatically set as Pending. You can then click the Edit button to change whatever details you need to and activate it. Unlike a rerun, all mission details can be edited and changed.

Most of the missions that I run are perfect for cloning. Once or twice a day, I will create a mission that asks Empire Avenue members to retweet a post or go to Google+ and share a post. Each mission directs that member to a specific post – but most of the other details remain the same! Now, all I have to do is clone a similar archived mission and change the link. Cloned missions are open to anyone to complete, regardless of whether or not they completed the original mission that you cloned.

These changes are live now, and represent a great time saver for regular Empire Avenue mission creators. If you haven’t yet gotten started on Empire Avenue, now is a great time to join! Get started today and be sure to connect with me at http://www.empireavenue.com/ALLTON.