Convincing prospects that Inbound Marketing is a highly effective approach to growing their businesses is simple. Getting them past, “I don’t have time to blog” is not.

Most people are anxious (with good reason) about the amount of time and effort it will take to implement Inbound Marketing – blogging, SEO, creating the right content, social media promoting, nurturing, etc. – and to make it an ongoing priority.

If you’re not set up to take on Inbound Marketing in one fell swoop (you can’t do it “just a little”), you need dedicated expertise. You need an Inbound Marketing agency.

The reason you work with an Inbound Marketing agency is because an agency will:

Provide the right expertise…and time. Inbound Marketing is what we do. It’s not a sideline or afterthought. We’ve done it often and we do it well.

Contribute broad capabilities. An Inbound Marketing agency gives you immediate access to a team of experts who develop the strategy, perform SEO, create content, execute design, and do the promotion needed for Inbound Marketing to work.

Make it affordable. Think you should just hire someone internally to handle Inbound Marketing? An agency can be a far more affordable option with less risk, and their pricing likely provides tiers based on your ability/willingness to participate in the ongoing work. Plus, you don’t have to pay our health benefits, unless you really want to.

Selecting The Right Inbound Marketing Partner

If you’re convinced that hiring the expertise you need is prudent, ask yourself these questions as you evaluate contenders:

Do they care about your business? A good Inbound Marketing agency will spend lots of time learning what the guts of your business look like: how do you make money? What are your competitors doing? What does your sales funnel look like? What are your biggest hurdles? Where are your missed opportunities? Only by knowing what you’re faced with today and where you want to be tomorrow can an agency help you get there.

Can they make it all work together? Only a full-service Inbound Marketing agency will be able to understand the big-picture and weave it all together: strategy, design, development and implementation of an effective Inbound Marketing plan together, along with all you’re doing using traditional marketing tactics.

Do you like them? This gut-instinct measure is often overlooked as we try to identify the most effective partners. Spend some time talking to agencies about their business success, how they hire, what their “ideal client” is, and the agency’s culture. Have a beer with them. Does it feel right?

If you’re spending too much time blogging, fretting about blogging, or wishing you could come up with a blog topic, you’re probably ready for an Inbound Marketing agency. And there’s so much more we can contribute to your Inbound Marketing efforts: strategy, SEO, content creation, social media, promotion, lead conversion, lead nurturing, analysis, design and web development. It’s what we do.

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