Essentially, inbound marketing is about setting and achieving your online lead generation goals and tracking this through to revenue.

A valuable component of inbound marketing is you can assess all investment and see exactly what it produces. It allows for 100% transparent reporting which means you can scale what is working for you and similarly change what could work better.

It uses marketing automation software which means every inbound marketing move you make, whether it’s with search engine optimisation, social media, whether in LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, Google+ or Twitter, blogs on your website, guest blogging or every move someone else makes when interacting with your content, whether it’s by downloading information, or taking part in LinkedIn discussions you have started, or visiting your website, or sharing your tweets, is logged, tracked and can be fully evaluated and attributed to your revenue.

Once you start producing interesting and useful content that’s aimed at the right personas and published in the right places online you become a lead magnet. This is all about pull marketing. Your content is magnetic and attracts the right people and business. You have created a path online for your traffic to flow down. When they get to your website you convert them to leads.

Give your target personas what they want and what they need, show them how it works for them and they will come back to you. The old ways are over. Why would you invest time and energy on marketing activity you cannot track, measure and scale? Inbound marketing is great because it truly is a win-win situation for all involved.

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