Marketing and Sales are two teams that are supposed to work together toward a common goal: increased revenue. Too often, these two teams are at odds, because the job of Marketing isn’t clearly spelled out. Is Marketing’s job to get more brand recognition? To get more shares on LinkedIn? To get more traffic coming to the website? Sales never thinks Marketing does enough, and Marketing never thinks Sales appreciates their efforts.

Define Jobs by Defining Goals

For the two teams to be effective, each team should understand what the other’s job is. Sales’ job is to nurture leads and close deals — it’s pretty straightforward. But what is Marketing’s job? It’s more complicated, but defining Marketing’s job is made much simpler by focusing on the goal of marketing: to generate quality leads that fit the agreed-upon ideal client profile.

Part Art, but More Science

Marketing’s job is to do what it takes to deliver those leads. And if Sales has sales quotas, why doesn’t Marketing have marketing quotas? Your marketing team, whether in-house or outsourced, should be able to tell you approximately how many leads you can expect from any given campaign. Yes, marketing is part art, but it’s much more science. Research, split testing, and math will provide the information your marketing team needs to do their job and deliver the leads your sales team expects.

And when each team understands what the other is responsible to do, it’s much easier for them to work together to accomplish the company’s goals.

Image credit: pressfoto