demand gen maturity assessment

The New Year is right around the corner. It’s the time of year to make sure your demand gen activities are ready to hit the ground running in Q1.

Best-in-class marketers use every channel at their disposal to meet their goals. They might have different goals per channel, but whatever the goal – they’ve optimized their activity to match.

Is channel optimization in your 2016 plan? Or are you ahead of the curve, with each of your demand gen programs and channels running like a well-oiled machine?

We’ve taken a look at what make for a successful demand gen marketing program and repurposed our Demand Gen Marketer’s Guide to Interactive Content into a Demand Gen Maturity Assessment. Read on to find out why you should assess your own demand gen maturity.

What is Demand Gen Maturity?

The first thing we looked at was activity by channel. Mature demand gen programs optimize for success in email, paid media, social, events, and the blog.

In each channel, there are unique behaviors and best practices that will help you succeed. We looked at how marketers are segmenting their database for better email campaigns; engaging with their audience on social; blogging regularly; rigorous A/B testing in paid media; etc.

Then we divided out activities into several buckets. What does it mean to be “getting started” with demand gen maturity? What does a “doing pretty well” demand gen program look like?

We mapped the questions we wanted to ask to each of these outcomes, then put it all into an interactive white paper.

Why an Interactive White Paper?

You’re a busy marketer. You might not have time to read a whole white paper – but you want the high-level points.

An interactive white paper takes all the best pieces of the longer asset and presents them alongside related questions. The questions give the user the chance to put their own personal stamp on the white paper – whether those questions bucket the user into a specific outcome, test their knowledge, or calculate a result.

Improving Conversion With Interactive White Papers

Let’s talk through a normal conversion process for a white paper.

Your visitor finds your landing page, possibly from your resource center. Already, you’ve asked them to convert: on the CTA to get to the landing page in the first place.

Then, your visitor is presented with a lead form. You might have some compelling copy on the landing page, enumerating the values and benefits the visitor will receive by downloading the asset – but not actually adding any value before the form. This is another conversion point, and one that usually converts only 3% of the time.

better landing page conversion with interactive content

What’s powerful about interactive white papers is you pull your reader in with engaging content, hold their attention until the conversion point, then offer a compelling reason (a personalized outcome) to convert. Interactive content sees 2-3 times better conversion rates, with the SnapApp B2B customer average around 11%.

See it in Action

We’ve turned our Demand Gen Marketer’s Guide to Interactive Content into an interactive white paper, so you can experience this kind of repurposing first hand.

Find out if you’re a Demand Gen Scout, Explorer, or Trailblazer while learning all about using interactive content in your campaigns and programs!