Your customers are searching for you. They’re scrolling through the results.

But if your industry is anything like most, there could be hundreds, if not thousands of results. In order to prevent the feeling of overwhelm that sinks in, they likely stick to the front page of the search engines. Is it your product that they find?

Copywriting for product pages is about creating visibility in the search engines. It’s the most practical way to find customers online. That cannot come at the expense of well-written copy that convinces your customers to purchase, however.

Below are a few things to consider as you write the copy for your product pages.

A Checklist for Copywriting for Product Pages

Your customers will likely only spend a few seconds on your product page. If they like what they see, they may buy. The page will need to meet their expectations, and hopefully you made it easy for them to purchase.

These are a few benchmarks that your page should hit, in order to see the most benefit from your website. Some of these are similar to copywriting for services pages. Others are specific in how to make your product stand out.

  • An attention-grabbing headline – This is the foundation of all copywriting. The headline is what draws people to your page from the search results. If the headline is uninviting, it’s hard to bring the people in who want to make a purchase. Here are some suggestions on how to write headlines that sell.
  • Empathize with your customer – Your product likely solves a specific problem or dilemma for the customer. They have a need that you can help them fill. When you show them that you understand their issue, it makes them feel more welcome and at home. It builds trust.
  • Copy that clearly explains the product – Sometimes the temptation is to write in a stodgy voice that makes you sound smart. This is especially true for management with advanced degrees. But if you want to sell more product, the marketing copy (product pages included) needs to be written in a voice that resonates with your customer. This means leaving out the engineering-speak.
  • Moves from one sentence to the next – If your headline drew people in, what are they left with? The copy needs to be compelling enough to move your customers from one sentence to the next. But not only that – they need to be persuaded to take action. They need to want your product. It needs to be the best possible solution to the problem that’s available to them.
  • Visual Content – As mentioned above, your readers aren’t likely spending a whole lot of time on any specific site devoted to their problem. Copywriting for services pages requires making the content visually friendly as well. Subheads, lists, and short paragraphs all help scanners pick up what the page is about. Make sure to include call to action buttons high on the pages, so that readers don’t have to endlessly scroll to take the action that you want them to take.
  • Separate Pages for Individual Products – If you sell a variety of products that do different things, keeping them on separate pages will likely make the shopping experience easier for your customer. It has the added advantage of increasing search engine visibility, when Google finds an entire page dedicated to the search term.

Sell More Products with a Well-Written Website

When your website meets more of the above benchmarks, it becomes easier and more natural to sell more products online. Copywriting for product pages is about creating a visible website, that helps you to build trust with your customers, while selling more product.