With every industry out there trying to grab as much attention as they can online, there are a slew of marketing tools they can find to help them get the job done. Some of these tools are even niche and industry specific, allowing for businesses to have better control over their marketing budgets while targeting very specific demographics. One of these industries happens to be real estate, which accounts for millions of dollars of marketing spending annually.

If you’re a real estate agency, don’t you want the best tools that cater to your own needs? Of course you do! That’s why you need to know which tools and websites out there make up the best in marketing tools for real estate. Otherwise, you might be missing out on a huge opportunity for an increasingly high ROI and even more warm leads on a consistent basis.

So, what are these marketing tools for real estate? How can they help you and your business? Check them out below!

The Power of Video

No one can deny the power of online video, especially when there are billions of hours worth of video found on websites like YouTube. Video has also brought us countless pop culture references and viral videos that everyone loves to share with their friends and family–it’s even a driving force for some businesses and how they are able to inform and capture leads to turn into customers. It can also be one of the most important and best marketing tools for a real estate agent as well.

This doesn’t mean you need to go out and make the next huge viral video success, but rather you should incorporate some kind of video into your content marketing for the best results. This can include informative videos about the real estate industry or short videos of your selected houses or apartments, it’s entirely up to you how you create your own video marketing strategy.

However, be aware that you need to have original, informative and entertaining content to really stand out among the competition. One of the best ways to augment that is through a customized video player. That’s right, your videos also rely on how well your video player is customized. Think about the huge potential of these marketing tools for real estate. You could:

  • Add a FAQ or informational page within the video player that can be a reference guide as viewers watch your videos, so they don’t have to navigate away from your content and potentially lose interest in the sale.
  • Embed calls to action (CTAs) directly into your video player, allowing for viewers to click on them and be pushed further along the sales funnel without having to deal with any extra steps in the process.
  • Provide live feeds of all of your social media outlets, including the big players like Marketing Tools For Real EstateFacebook and Twitter. Your leads are able to see what you’re up to while watching the videos, making that extra connection.

Video is a powerful tool and consistently shows it can easily help you boost your marketing efforts tenfold. All you have to do is take the time to create a video marketing strategy and simply customize your video player.

Remember Picture Content

As you already know, pictures and online images are the bread and butter for any real estate agency. It’s a staple among marketing tools for real estate, and if you’re using images right now, then keep on doing the great work and remember to always provide the highest quality pictures you can get for your customers and leads.

Speaking of, you also have the ability to compliment your pictures with your video marketing–especially when you’re utilizing a custom media player. You can include a gallery of your high quality images with your video player, streamlining your marketing tools even further. It’s all about the multimedia content in marketing, even with real estate!