To understand what Social Marketing is one must come to realize that a big part of what you do in the field of marketing is promotion. This could mean promotion of a product, promotion of a movie, promotion of an event, but Social Marketing is the specific focus of promoting social causes and this will interest some people that want to do some good in this world. If an issue of public awareness peeks your interest, like diabetes prevention in children, or safety precautions near train tracks or anti-smoking campaigns, than you might want to consider Social Marketing as a possible venue of work.

Social Science majors and Anthropology majors who studied human behavior and independent polling reviews should consider how they could contribute to larger non- profit groups like the WHO (World Health Organization), UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and even the World Food Bank. One of the best examples of Social Marketing can be seen in the TV ads, billboard posters and internet clips provided by the Tobacco Free CA group. Social Marketing is unique in the sense that, unlike Viral Marketing or Telemarketing, Social Marketing is both a broad range of promotion and a specific focus for bettering human behavior.

Philip Kotler was one of the fathers of Social Marketing, and through his writings, non-profit organizations were enlightened by the idea of how they could spread their messages. Though he’s written quite a few books on the subjects of Social Responsibility and Social Marketing, if you had to read just one of his books, I would recommend: Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause. In it, he lays down the principles of his philosophy on how the business of promotion can be applied to charity initiatives.

The reason I am covering the niche of Social Marketing is because of the stereotype people (yes I know, Weasel Word) hand Marketing professionals in general. Marketing is such a broad field and there is so much that can be achieved with human integrity and perseverance; Social Marketing and Philip Kotler have proven that the business of promoting better health and global poverty is just as lucrative as promoting ipods and designer handbags.