In sports great coaches know that going back to basics, the simple things, doing them day-in and day-out and doing them well, is one of the keys to creating a winning athlete or a winning team.

It’s not so different in business and in marketing.

We also need to get back to the basics and do the simple things well, do them daily and do them consistently.

It’s when you get those basics in order and you don’t waiver in your faithful practice that big results build and the success begins to come your way.

It’s not in the big launch or the big show, although those can be the things that bring huge momentum, notoriety and look like the key to success.

For example, let’s take someone like Michael Phelps. After this summer’s London Olympics he has more Olympic medals than anyone in history – by a long shot.

He didn’t wake up a few months ago and decide, “I’m going to swim in the Olympics and get lots of medals, particularly gold medals!” (Relate that to being an entrepreneur and waking up one day and deciding you are going to have a million-dollar launch for your new product or program.)

Michael Phelps has been swimming for years. For almost his entire life – 27 years. He started with the basics – learning to swim, practicing, small meets and competitions, then, eventually state, national, international and then his 1st Olympics – where he was known, but not the way he propelled to stardom after the Beijing Olympics in 2008. And during the 4 years in between Beijing and London? Lots and lots and lots of basics.

Michael swam for hours and hours pretty much every single day. Some of those swims were pushing his time, racing, competing, but a lot of those swims were just working on basics – getting starts right, getting turns right, perfecting his stroke to shave seconds and tenths and thousands of seconds off his time.

Listen, the bottom line is that life is actually pretty long. Look at your business in the same way. Understand that if you get the basics under your belt and you practice daily, giving it your best, ultimately you will begin to rise above the competition, beginning your march to the top. It’s not likely that it will happen tomorrow (it could, someone has to win the lottery after all), but while your waiting for that lightening to strike, why don’t you keep doing the basics and see where it can take you?

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Oh, and one more thing… we’re lucky in business, because once we get the basics up and running, we can often delegate them and just check in regularly to make sure they are working the way we want them to. As much as he might have loved to, Michael Phelps couldn’t delegate his 6 day a week, 6 hour a day practice…