There are several ways to go about marketing for your business. Billboards, flyers and newspaper advertisements work well. However, there is one marketing scheme in particular that is simple, low cost and extremely effective. That is video marketing. When you are ready to do marketing online or looking to revamp what you already have in place, there are many different video marketing tools available. Here a few to help you get started.

Web Flash Video Player

Videos naturally gain attention because of their entertainment and educational value, as well as their ease of use. Even so, it is still highly important that you make your video stand out from the rest. The video needs to be fresh, unique and of exceptional quality both in picture and audio. This is where a web flash video player comes in handy. This player provides a professional and appealing look along with crisp, clear stereo sound.

A web flash video is also very quick to upload to your website and other media sites due to it’s compression method. It also has a faster player speed than most other video formats currently on the market. Additionally, over 97 percent of all computers come with flash video already installed. This makes it simple for the viewer to watch your video instantly without having to choose which player to use.

Clickable Video and Call to Action

Obtaining and keeping the attention of your audience is a must. A simple tool for this is clickable video. There are several applications that you can implement directly into the video itself that will keep the viewer interested and engaged. While a viewer is watching the video, they can interact with it by clicking on buttons within the video to perform many different actions. Some of these include signing up for a newsletter, visiting your website, linking to other social platforms, contacting you and much more. Not only does this engage them, but it will also get you very quick results.

Social Media Platforms

One of the greatest and most effective video marketing tools is in the form of social media. There are many sites where you can easily upload your videos and gain almost instant attention. The largest of these are Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Millions of people across the globe log onto these sites daily and some multiple times a day. Videos on these sites can be viewed on desktop computers, smart phones, tablets and a number of other internet devices. Additionally, videos added to these sites are simple to share among viewers, which gives you even faster exposure to a larger audience.Video Marketing Tools

Along with the videos on your social media page, you can also provide additional information about your business such as products, location and contact information. In addition, you can increase your traffic by adding links to your website or other media sites where your videos are hosted.


After you have put your time and effort into creating videos and uploading them to various sites, it is important to know how they are performing. With analytics, through services such as Google Analytics or video marketing tools on Social media sites you can keep track of several pieces of vital information. This information includes, but is not limited to, how many viewers watch your videos, what site or search engine they originated from, as well as their geographical location. With this information you can then make any adjustments needed to your videos, links, keywords, etc.

As you can see, there are many different video marketing tools available that will certainly benefit your business. What types of marketing tools have worked the best for you?