A webinar is a conference or seminar that is performed through the internet, using a special software. The word webinar comes from the union of two English words: web and seminar, and allows a person to do an online presentation to a group of persons or participants.

The presenter or lecturer talks to the participants but, they also have the opportunity to interact and actively participate in the conference. This is a notable difference from a webcast, where the lecturer is the only one who participates in the forum while the others just listen.

In a webinar, an exchange of information is produced (any type of information), live, at a specified date and time, and it is ideal for the presentation of products and marketing. The participants connect from any part of the world using a computer, with specific software obtained from a web page with an access password for guests.

During a webinar, power point presentations, word and excel documents can be used. Also, a screen can be shared by multiple presenters using software and directed by the conference lecturer.

Where does it come from?

The English term webinar (web = world wide web and part of the word “seminar”) was created by the entrepreneur Erick R Colb in 1998 and registered it as a patented brand in 2000.

Webinar is known in Spanish as webinario or web conference. Although the English term webinar, created by Colb, is usually used. A computer and an internet connection are needed to participate in the webinar.

As with a lot of new ideas in internet, the webinar spread and became popular in just few years. A lot of big companies are using webinars to promote their products and services worldwide at a very low cost.

The webinar has a wide range of utilities for entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and businessmen, that want to transmit information and interact live with future clients. The most popular utilities are the presentation of new products, seminars, and live conferences. other words, messages are sent through the internet to the recipient.

How can your offline business benefit from it?

The benefits that can be obtained by the promotion of products, personal business and offline products for your company using the webinar technology are many.

global community and share information to disclose new products in detail. All of this can be done for an economic price using one of the many specialized softwares on the market.

GoToWebinar, Goto Meeting, AnyMeeting, RunClickWebinar… are some of the most popular. Their use means a lot of savings in expenses: no traveling, no hotel expenses, no conference room, no transport, no feeding – just the opportunity to publicize products to an important number of future clients located anywhere in the world.

Could it be better? Impossible! The most important part is that we can learn the client´s opinions and concepts about our products, without the cost of transporting them from one place to another, but from the comfort of their home or office, via a computer connected to the internet.

To summarize, a webinar gives us the chance to internationally promote our products and services; we do it live; with oral and visual communication; with cost reduction (compared with the costs of doing a live conference in an auditorium).

It is fast and easy to put a webinar together. It has multiple functions. We can use it to train our employees and publicize our products and services.

How can you benefit from it as an independent professional?

One of the principal benefits is that the webinar offers entrepreneurs and independent professionals the power to provide accurate information to an unlimited number of future clients around the world at a very low cost.

A webinar is ideal for the professional who has something to teach, either through training sessions, training seminars, expert interviews, coaching, mentoring, or just showing a power point presentation about product quality or a new service that will be released to the international market.

The interactivity that a webinar offers is excellent for training and learning without the need to move from their city, which allows the client to truly express themselves.

The comfort and ease that a webinar provides for a specific seminar directed to a specific public, without having the need to leave the city, to rent a conference room and having to bring clients from other countries is the golden dream of any marketer.

How can you make money with it as an online marketer?

In today´s technological world, experts affirm that making money with a webinar is incredible, and most big companies around the world use this technology to increase the number of prospects and sales.

Nowadays, more and more millionaire entrepreneurs and expert businessmen have discovered the benefits of webinars to efficiently win thousands of new clients around the world.

Using a webinar, you can become a successful entrepreneur and earn a lot of money by using it to promote products and train from your office or home.

If you have a new product or you want to share your knowledge with thousands of people around the world without having to leave your home, what are you waiting for? Start using this technology and begin to grow!