Typography is growing in importance as the number of devices your font needs to look good on increases. As advocates of clean design, we want to show you all the ways you can incorporate a sleek font in to your brand image. Having a personalized font that’s uniquely recognizable is incredibly important to your visual identity!

Trend#1: Handwritten fonts

Whether for personal or corporate purposes, if you’re looking for a font with a personal touch, there’s rarely a better choice than a hand-written one. The look can range from homey to playful to messy chic and everything in between. Either way, even in a digitally-crazed world, people still seem to be drawn to tangible elements – it’s almost nostalgic.

Current Inspiration: Verryberry

Trend #2: The Rustic Look

The look of the hour is a beaten-down, broken up, rustic design. Especially with spring coming around, you’ll likely be spotting more of these farm-inspired fonts.

Current inspiration: Nexa Rust Font

Trend #3: Geometric shapes

This trend isn’t a newbie for 2015, but we think there are still lots of ways to play with geometric shapes to give your brand an edgy, modern look.

Current Inspiration: Anders Free Font on Behance

Trend #4: Layered fonts

With flat design the word on everyone lips, fonts with a 3D aspect are becoming evermore popular as brands look for a way to make writing pop off a page and better capture a user’s attention (deja vu anybody?). There are lots of different ways to layer a font, but the one below is a simple drop-shadow example.

Current Inspiration: Core Circus

Trend #5: Paper-Thin fonts

This one has been a biggie – look at Apple. Ever since smaller and alternative screens have been emerging, there has been a demand for sleek fonts that will be easily readable, while maintaining a sleek look.

Current Inspiration: Texta Family

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