Hey! Is this thing on?!
Hey! Is this thing on?!

Want more business?  Then make more noise. Constructive noise.  That means do more outbound.

Businesses are at times tentative about how they contact their prospects.  Perhaps they fear annoying them with unwanted messages.  Or they struggle with understanding the overall results of their initiatives, and as a result they reduce their contact strategies.

But the end result of this caution is under-par sales and anemic market awareness.

Most of us use outbound email as one of our tactics, so let’s use that as an example.  Let’s say you traditionally make 10 email deployments reaching 500,000 email contacts. You’ve decided to do 50% more outbound email marketing. You’ll add 5 more deployments, and make 750,000 total contacts. What are the expected ramifications of this?

Your opt-outs might increase.

True, but why is this bad?  Opt-outs occur when your messages are irrelevant to the contact. Getting those off your list who would prefer not to hear what you have to say is a good thing.

Your actions per contact percentage might drop.

Yes it might.  But companies don’t get points for great analytic numbers.  They get points when they facilitate awareness, further a sale, and help to generate more business for both the short and long-term.

The cost of the campaign will increase.

Yes, the overall cost of outbound emails will increase.  But economies of scale will come to play, and so spending will be less expensive on a per deployment basis. Sometimes significantly so.

You tire your list.

Given typical open and — more importantly — actions per send percentages, I really think the issue of list fatigue is overblown.  If a typical open rate is 10% and actions/send are at 1%, you’re dealing with non-open rates of 90%, and non-action rates of 99%.  That means you’ve got quite a way to go for list fatigue to set in.


The point here is to sell more. And if done properly, that will happen. You’ll get other benefits, and some not so fringe:

More brand awareness.

Regardless of what happens, by doing more relevant outbound you’ll create more knowledge and awareness of your brand.  But that’s obvious.  The more you do, the more you’ll be known. So get ready for that.

You’ll have a cleaner list.

The same way that chili gets better the day after you make it, use your list more and it’s going to be in better shape.