Bhavik Sarkhedi is a multi-published author and viral content consultant who has written over 750,000 words between his books, published articles, and personal writings.

Sarkhedi focuses on developing content which helps inform his readers on the most important pain-points in their lives. In this way, he has developed a devoted readership and continuously garners massive traffic since his content fills a void for readers.

This premise of identifying key gaps in demand for content to consume and what is available is the cornerstone of Sarkhedi’s success in the viral content industry. I was able to sit down with him to discuss more of his ideology and thesis on viral content creation.

Q. What do you think are the biggest indicators for whether content will go viral or not?

A. Viral content elicits emotions from viewers. Whether the emotions are empowerment, happiness, anger, laughter, etc. does not matter, all of the best content brings forth some emotion well. Understanding gaps in what content is available is the best way to bring forth these emotions. No one is going to look at a remake of the Mona Lisa and think it is a masterpiece. Originality is key for inspiring emotion.

Q. How do the target demographics and platform affect what the content should be and what emotions should be targeted?

A. Each platform is different. An article on Huffington Post versus a post on Facebook versus a Snapchat story, all will need different content angles in order to be successful. Snapchat is like a reality show, Instagram is you highlight reel and artistic expression, Twitter is a firehose of thoughts, and Facebook is a bit of everything but with high standards for all of the content.

The first step for going viral is to comprehend why users use the platforms, what emotions they feel when they go to share or click on something, and overall what type of content does well. From here you need to make the content your own, create unique value, and hone in on emotional responses.

Q. Who are some of the best content influencers and why do you think they do well?

A. Jake Paul is a phenomenal brand and content creator. He understands what Generation Z is looking to consume, keeps it light, keeps it flashy, and overall embodies the cool kid in LA vibe perfectly.

Think of the class clowns from school, the guys you look at and think that they have it all, and overall the way in which these types of people make you forget about life for a split second because you care about what they are up to. Jake Paul captures this and more in what he creates and that is why he has amassed millions of followers and got a Disney TV show.