Consistently ranked among the top lead generation strategies, in-person events, and video are both highly effective B2B marketing techniques in their own right — but they’re even better when combined.

Capturing video at live events extends the event and creates content to help fill your editorial calendar for the year. By combining both strategies, you boost exposure and maximize your impact.

However, your marketing team and video team need to be on the same page while speaking the same language. Often, marketers think in terms of the end product, while producers consider the logistics of the shoot and how to maximize resources. For example, “How much does it cost to create two videos?” does not equate to “How much does a day of shooting cost?”

To find that common ground, make sure your team is clear on the purpose behind your video marketing initiatives. It’s easy to make one-off videos not tied to any particular theme or campaign, but you won’t see much success with your efforts unless you have a thorough video marketing strategy in place.

First, look at the bigger picture to identify your goals. What are you aiming to do with your videos? Generate new leads? Increase brand awareness? Attract top talent? Based on your needs, you can then accurately map your videos (type, length, topic) to your goals.

Common goals include:

· Lead generation
· Brand awareness
· Content for real-time engagement on social media
· Press coverage and social media followers
· Promotional material for other content
· Thought leadership/credibility from industry insiders
· HR/Recruitment

After you’ve determined and communicated your end goals to your marketing and production teams, you can begin to execute on that specific objective. If your goal is to generate leads, for example, you could explore using gated and longer-form video to acquire net-new names. If you’re looking to support your company’s recruitment efforts, you could create a short overview video highlighting your culture and interviewing your internal ambassadors for social media.