Doing a stand-up presentation for a marketing video may look easy, but it’s not.  You can’t just ‘be yourself.’  If you’re an experienced off-the-cuff presenter you may get away with it.  But most people don’t have those skills.  (Be sure to watch the video below).

Tom Bruno, one of our MarketVid Professional Coaches,  is an expert ear prompter coach.  Watch our Camera Presentation Training Video of Tom Below.  Tom was wearing an earprompter for the entire 6:41 video below that was shot in one complete take, without editing:

I’ve been on the radio for years, and I can confirm it’s much harder when you also have to worry about how you look, your visual expressions, where your eyes are, etc.  You have three choices:

1. Memorization – difficult to do if you are concerned with getting every word just right – and memorizing the required body language.

2. Teleprompter – requires expensive and complex technology, and difficult to do in the field – especially if you are shooting with an inexpensive camera or smartphone.

3. Ear prompter – inexpensive, easy to use, and works great.

With an ear prompter, you can get your script right every time, and maintain the confidence and appearance that work well for video.

All you need is a portable digital recorder, and an in-ear listening piece that can’t be seen easily by the camera.  (White iPod earphones don’t work).  We get our ear pieces from the same place the network pros do: at Audio Implements in Waukesha, WI.

Audio Implements ‘Audio Clarifier’

Here is how it works:

1. Write your script, making sure you write as you speak.  After you write your script, put it aside for a while, then read it aloud.  Edit until it reads the way you talk normally.

2. Record the script into your portable digital recorder, with the correct pace and intonation.

3. Put on your ear piece, connect it into your recorder which you hold in your hand, our of camera view.

4. Practice repeating the recording as it plays into your ear.  It will take a few times, and I recommend looking at yourself in the mirror as you practice – as if you’re looking into the camera lens.

5. The secret is to let the audio play 1-3 seconds ahead of where you’re speaking, that way you will have time to think about your expression, intonation, body language etc.  It will feel very strange at first, but after a few tries you will get the idea.

The next time you, or someone you know, has to do a stand-up on-camera presentation for a marketing video, try an ear prompter.

This article was originally posted on the MarketVid Post and has been reposted with permission of the author.