Looking for new and novel angles to market your restaurant or pub from provides a constant challenge, so with this in mind, I’ve put together some simple ideas that will help provide you with a starting point when planning seasonal promotions and offers, starting with Valentines Day.

Restaurant ideas for Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Capitalise on the popularity of Valentines day by offering diners something special this year. A special Valentines Day menu doesn’t need to be difficult to create and you can easily extend the menu so it runs over the entire weekend or even the whole week.

Make sure you focus on decadent foods and those perceived as ‘naughty’, like melt in the middle chocolate fondant or aphrodisiacs, such as Oysters. Sharing platters are a great idea to help love-struck couples get intimate with each other.

Valentines Day Ideas For Restaurants & Pubs

  • Offer a set, all-inclusive Valentines day menu including a starter, main course, dessert and a bottle of wine
  • Theme your Valentines dishes by focusing on the colours pink and/or red
  • Shape desserts into hearts and don’t be afraid to go a bit kitsch with a light dusting of edible pink glitter
  • Choose luxurious and indulgent foods for your Valentines menu, but don’t make dishes too heavy
  • Encourage couples to pre-book their table by offering a discount or exclusive menu only available when pre-booked
  • If your restaurant is part of a hotel, consider offering a themed weekend getaway package including a romantic meal and accommodation
  • Bars might want to create a number of special or limited edition cocktails, with love related names in a range of red and pink hues
  • Provide extras, like a red rose or bottle of bubbly to couples dining with you on Valentines Day, to help make them feel extra special
  • Run a Twitter and/or Instagram competition where you ask Valentines diners to take a selfie in your restaurant/bar and get them to use a certain hash tag. As a prize, have a good bottle of Champagne up for grabs, overnight accommodation or a free meal
  • Devise a special Valentines Day sharing dessert platter

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