Success in today’s hyper-competitive business environment makes it essential for everyone on your team to work together and present a united front. While this goal is often talked about it takes proactive management steps to produce those results and meld individuals in to a cohesive team.

The reality is that a high-performing team possesses a shared commitment to success and backs that up with both the energy and creativity necessary to achieve it. Plain and simple, teams that share common experiences are more likely to fit into that high-performance category.

You can help create that common culture in your organization with a number of tools and proven approaches, experiential events promoting teamwork being among the most effective. When your team members have the opportunity to work together and achieve solutions as a group they learn lessons readily applicable to any work task and environment.


Just as any effective team has a mix of skills and experiences, properly planned experiential events will expose this mix of resources and help team members understand what each is able to contribute. Often, these events can also double as marketing events where your product or service can be integrated into the experience. Some commonly occurring experiential events include:


Technology Themed Scavenger Hunts

Using a variety of technologies centered on the old idea of a treasure or hunt, these events combine fun with a need for strategy, effective communications, meeting deadlines, and dividing tasks among different team members.

The actual event is tailorable to emphasize various elements that are of particular importance to any corporate objective. Adding a significant incentive to the successful team provides an important metaphor to the reward that comes with success on the job.

Charity Events

charity-eventsWith the current popularity on giving back, especially those companies under a governmental microscope, many executives find their staff are motivated by participation in a charity event. Again, these have the ability to be tailored in a number of formats and with different objectives. However, the basic approach is to provide your employees with a purpose greater than their ordinary office goals. Team members are grouped together to combine their talents and reach a certain objective in a certain amount of time. Not only will the best performing team be rewarded, so will the charity.

Experiential events are a great way to take your team to the next level, and even offer the opportunity to involve prospects and customers. Double your efforts by promoting through digital marketing, PR campaigns, commercials or any other means you see fit. Clients love to see behind the scenes, especially when their team clicks. Make sure yours does too…