The marketing funnel has been used by business owners for more than a century as an effective tool for understanding consumer’s purchasing habits. Typically, online ads are only included in the first level of the marketing funnel. However, since technology has advanced, online ads can now be effectively used throughout all levels of the marketing funnel.

The Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel was developed by Elias St. Elmo Lewis in 1898, and is a marketing strategy based on the AIDA model. This model includes 4 levels of marketing, including Attention, Interest, Desire or Decision, and Action. Online ads are an effective way to help the consumer transition through each of these four stages.

Online Banner Ad Grabs Consumer Attention

Most business owners understand how online ads can be used to grab the attention of potential consumers. In fact, the online banner ads are often referred to as billboards for the Internet. Today’s technology also allows eye-catching images and animation, as well as audio and video, to be included in the ad. A well-designed graphic online ad can be the first step to grabbing the customer’s attention.

Make the Consumer Interested in the Product

Although gaining the customer’s attention is important, it is also vital to make the online ad interesting so the consumer will want to learn more about your goods or service. This is where marketers should focus on how the goods or services offered can help the consumer. It is important to interest the prospect enough so they will want to learn more about what you are selling.

Use the Customer’s Desire to Help Make Decision

Once they have shown interest in a product or service, the consumer will then transition into decision mode, to determine if they really want to purchase it or not. Online marketers want to show the prospect how making a purchase will benefit them. The customer must believe that they need or desire what is being sold to either simplify or improve upon their lives.

Include a Call to Action

The final stage of the marketing tunnel is actions, and this is the step that many online marketers miss. You must include a call to action in your online ad if you want the prospect to respond. Whether you want the consumer to provide you with contact information, sign-up for a newsletter or purchase your goods or services, you must tell them directly what action you want them to take.

With today’s customer spending so much time on the Internet, online marketing is an extremely powerful tool. Ads that are properly placed online can help a business expand its clientele base, and increases its sales. Discover how easy online marketing can be by contacting our specialists, who can help design and place the perfect online ad for your business.