In the world of marketing, much of the talk is central to inbound and content creation. These are fantastic strategies to leverage in order to engage with target consumers and establish brand credibility.

However, there are other activities you can pair with these efforts in order to make your overall marketing strategy more effective. Especially since it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the attention of prospects and hold their interest for a long period of time, partially due to the influx of information and readily available content.

So how do you sift through all of the things sitting on a prospects desk to get noticed to start the conversation?

At Quintain, we pride ourselves in our ability to syndicate our client’s message through a variety of marketing channels (such as inbound, dimensional marketing or promotional products) that, when aligned with sales, create a revenue engine for our clients. We often weave promotional material into the marketing strategies of our clients to strengthen their message and increase responsiveness to their online campaigns.

How is one way we do this, you ask?

Give your mailing dimension

We have found a high level of success sending mailers that are not flat. Seems simple, right? Packages that have some dimension or shape to them are inherently intriguing, creating a sense of excitement for the recipient.

Just imagine opening your mailbox. You peer in and see the usual flood of envelopes filled with bills and paper advertisements. Beyond the sea of white envelopes, you notice a box. You haven’t placed any online orders recently… what could it be? Which mailing do you think you’ll open first?

The box, of course! This is because humans are intrigued by the mystery of what is inside. Traditional flat mailings are transparent and overdone, leaving little to the imagination. This means that the item you send now has a higher probability of being opened, but is also something that may be useful to the recipient.

“Traditional flat mailings are transparent and overdone, leaving little to the imagination.”

Now you may ask out of pure curiosity… “What’s in the box??”

Picking What to Send

What you choose for your mailing can be anything!

For example, we have created many dimensional mailing campaigns for clients in the commercial real estate industry, an industry where delivering your message is particularly difficult. You can pair your marketing message with multiple gifts curated into one package to create a “set” or a “suite” of corresponding items. Most campaigns are highly focused on a set group of individuals, not a mass mailing to unqualified prospects. The size of these mailings ranges from about 50 to 500 recipients, depending on a variety of factors.

These mailings can also happen once, or be recurring. Dimensional mailers can be sent to the same group of individuals, with a different message each time. For example, seasonal items such as candy corn for Halloween, cookie cutters for the winter holidays, etc. can be sent with a message to tie back to your services and offerings. This not only builds anticipation for recipients on your list, but it also increases the likelihood that they will remember your company name and your message when it’s time for a member of your sales team to contact them.

Your Turn

This is only one way that Quintain is able to interlace your digital or inbound marketing with promotional items. As a full-service marketing agency, we have the ability to create consistency across multiple platforms – whether we’re talking about branded marketing collateral, social media posts or your appearance at the next tradeshow event.

Stay tuned for more ideas to incorporate promotional products into your marketing strategy. But until then, we want to hear from you. What’s the best dimensional mailer you ever received? And what is the worst? Share with us in the comments!