One of the greatest ways to make some extra cash is to put money into an old-school investment, such as a vending machine. Vending machines are one way that you can earn a side income and do virtually nothing. You can hire people to take care of every aspect of the operation of a vending machine.

You can also easily promote a vending machine service with innovative marketing techniques. When you want to get the word out about a new vending machine, you can easily begin using Twitter or Facebook to get your message out.

It is important for you to consider which audience will be ultimately using a vending machine. Think about the location that your vending machine will be located at. If your vending machine will be located near an office building or school, then you may want to create some posts on the Facebook fan pages for these entities. The people who view these pages on a regular basis will then know where they can get a little snack in between classes or during a work break.

You can also use Twitter to get the word out about a new vending machine. You may even decide to host a promotion to get people using your vending machine. You can have people post hashtags about the vending machine on their Twitter accounts and pick out a winner from the group.

You can then provide the winner with a few free goodies from the vending machine for posting about it on their Twitter feed. You may even host a caption contest that gives people the opportunity to create captions for all of the food items that will be in your vending machine. This is an easy way to build up some interest for a new vending machine in the area.

One of the other fun types of promotions that you can create for a vending machine involves the use of Facebook. You can actually have people submit requests for their favorite foods to be included in a vending machine. As the owner of a vending machine, you can also take a vote of which foods should be included. This is a great way to build up some interaction and build the customer base for your vending machine.

You may also be able to include healthy foods within your vending machine. By including more healthy food options in your vending machine, you may build a client base of professionals.

When you own a vending machine, it is important to consider all of the ways that you can gain new clients for the use of your vending machine or to peruse It is so easy to be creative in the marketing of your vending machine and to attract interest for it.

It is just important for you to have a grasp of the use of social media in promoting your vending machine. If you are able to effectively use Facebook or Twitter, then you may be able to get the word out about your vending machine and expand your client base.