footballWhether we’re talking about football or marketing, when it comes to winning, there are a few “musts” that your team has to master. With the return of football season, it’s a good time to start remembering some fundamentals of winning if you want to see success.

Play Your All-Stars…

If you know which of your marketing mix is actually generating results—and hopefully you do: tracking the success of your marketing activities and measuring the ROI on things like content marketing—then you know which of them to roll out when you really need a win. Also, find new all-stars. Experiment with social media, integrate with Google Universal Analytics…you never know what fresh talent you’ll uncover.

…But Don’t Forget Your Trusty Offensive Linemen

Your offensive linemen may not get as much shine as things like fancy ad campaigns or social media, but they’re tried and true and they’re always there: email marketing, for example. Your email marketing is a steady activity that you can rely on to move you up the field; don’t get entirely distracted by flashy campaigns and end up neglecting the solid methods that might be easy to forget.

Have a Playbook

As content continues to secure its place as king, you need to make sure you have a way of organizing it so that it doesn’t get lost in the daily tornado of marketing activity. A solid playbook can help: know what assets you have to share (from eBooks to videos to Slideshare decks) and have a rotating schedule of promotion, with the messaging that goes along with each so that it’s ready to roll out at any time.

Know Why You’re Winning

The Ravens didn’t win the Super Bowl last year because they won a single game. They knew what it took to win and they analyzed their results with every game they took home, and then continued to win. You need to do the same thing with your marketing. You should be measuring everything, using analytics to ascertain which campaigns are bringing success and uncovering which keywords are driving phone calls and web leads to your business.

Whether you’re a Bears fan or a Bengals fan, you know strategy matters, and the same concept applies to your marketing. Want a peek at our playbook? You can see the Ifbyphone Playbook for free right now.