People want what other people have. More immediately, people want what everyone else wants. And if that item is rare, or scarce, that kind of demand creates a buzz.

Think about the diamond industry, and how the powers that be have controlled the flow of diamonds to the world to make them appear rare, and therefore, drive up the price.

Think about Apple, and how they prepare a certain number of a new product for the initial launch so that the item sells out before everyone that wants one can get one.

Exclusivity is a powerful tool that a business can utilize to improve word of mouth marketing, create buzz, and drive demand on your products and services.

So how do you take advantage of this tool?

First, you have to deliver. You have to create something, or offer something that people want. The product or service has to be strong enough to create some sort of initial demand.

Next, you have to create channels for people to talk about the product. Announce the launch before the product is ready so that people can prepare. Allow people to sign up early.

If you can measure the demand for your product, under produce. Steal from the Apple model and ensure that there is not enough to go around on first launch. This sets the bar, creates buzz, drives demand, and allows you to raise prices later in the process and still sell more units.

This is not easy, and it’s not for every business. But when used effectively, can be an extremely powerful marketing tool. Good luck!