Keeping your product name in front of customers is always an effective marketing strategy for any business. A simple and well organized wall or desktop calendar featuring high quality photo shots of your products can easily market your company more effectively, as compared to other direct marketing strategies. As one marketing strategist pointed out “people are prone to throwing business cards, but few throw away calendars.” They usually hang them on their office walls, every day getting a subtle reminder of your business and what you offer. Since we have established the importance of calendars as an effective marketing tool, it is important to be informed how calendar printing can assist you in fulfilling your marketing objectives.

Creativity Grabs Attention

Typical, most calendars are made of twelve pages which should be uniquely and creatively designed to grab the attention of viewers. People are more willing to place items on their desks or walls if they beautify their surroundings. Ensure that the calendars are well designed and are as creative and beautiful as possible to make clients want to have a copy without you insisting to give it to them.

Professional Printing is a Must!

This cannot be over emphasized. Since the calendars are supposed to last at least a year, you have to ensure high quality material is used. It is important that each page should be as durable and vibrant as possible. Low quality calendars are easily discarded since no one wants to be associated with inferior products. The printing company you select should be reputable to deliver the desired quality and quantity without unnecessary delays.

Incorporate Product Information and Exclusive Promos on Each Page

Shoppers are easily attracted to discount offers or other product freebies that could help them get deals or save costs. Illustrating product information and specifications not only gives your business credibility in the eyes of customers, but also informs customers of the products you offer. However, the product description should not be too wordy to disinterest the reader. Catchy phrases and simple lists are best suited for this case.

Desk calendars come in handy especially when you want customers to remember your business name, contacts, and location. They assist your customers to keep track of important dates, events, appointments and meetings. The desk calendars should always have your company logo visible, usually at the top, to ensure customers are able to identify with you. Depending on your printing agency, desktop calendars can be imprinted in multiple colors. They can also be engraved with gold-imprint and shaped to meet your specifications. A lot of other features can be added depending on your specifications, with the intention of making them more useful to the customer. However, even if you opt for a smaller version with fewer features but the company logo well placed, customers will keep your company firmly grounded in their minds.

Using a Calendar as a Marketing ToolCalendars are also effective in encouraging referrals as customers can easily direct other clients to your business. Information will always be with them and they can easily answer questions regarding your products without hesitation. Calendars help to show both your customers and employees how much you value them. They emphasize that their loyalty to your company is what makes your business flourish. Sharing this handy marketing tool keeps your company name and product on their mind all year round.

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