Use These 4 Image Editing Tools to Make Your Visual Marketing Stand Out

Today I have some resources to help you improve your visual marketing strategy with photo editing apps and software.

Choosing the best visuals for your brand marketing can help attract a larger audience. Businesses can take advantage of free image editing tools to help produce a professional image. Are you looking for top quality photos and videos for your business? Take advantage of these four resources, and let me know how these work for you!

Unique professional visuals – VSCO

Make your photos more visually appealing with your brand’s own perspective. VSCO is both a free and paid app for iOS and Google Play that offers inspiration and ideas from their team and community members. Shoot and edit your images right on your device with advanced camera controls. Choose from a large selection of high-quality images that you can customize for your tweets, posts, and blog.

2) Customize 360 images – Teliportme

Cross promote your edited images with users all over the world. Teliportme includes their free Pluto app for iOS so that you can publish beautiful, professional quality panoramic photos. Use this tool to showcase an event, place or inside your company with powerful image editing features included.

3) Simple photo editing – Photo Lab

Turn your photos into a fun and creative experience for your audience. Photo Lab by VicMan is a free app for iOS, which allows you to create realistic photo montages and images that include frames, artistic effects, holiday themes, and much more. Make your images unique and eye-catching with this great app. A website version is also available for desktop editing.

4) Stunning visual stories – Adobe Spark

Enhance and stylize your images with this simple app. Adobe Spark helps you to create stand-out social graphics, web pages, and short videos in just minutes. The software is available on the web and on mobile so that you can quickly share your content to all of your online platforms.

Hopefully you will find these image editing resources useful to your visual marketing strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

Have fun with these tips and tools.