Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a perfect way to spur growth in your business by saturating entire neighborhoods using carrier routes — all without the cost of purchasing mailing lists and permits. EDDM is ideal for businesses and individuals looking to gain the attention of basically, anyone (think, “Local Postal Customer”). There is reduced sorting and transportation associated with EDDM, which translates to a reduction in cost incurred by the USPS, which is then passed on to you. Some of the best suited candidates for EDDM are businesses that are looking to reach customers in a specific geographical area. They might include restaurants, realtors, local health clinics, contractors, and politicians.


There’s been a recent resurgence of interest in direct mail. Businesses are shifting to a more balanced mix of online and offline channels. They realize that the expansive digital ecosystem lends itself to an overwhelming amount of communication that can be easily replaced, updated, and ignored by potential customers. By including print, businesses incite 1:1 dialogue with their prospects, which creates lasting, engaged customer relationships. According to a Print in the Mix survey, 79% of consumers act on a brand’s direct mail piece immediately, while 56% found printed material to be the most trustworthy of media channels. Here are four specific advantages to EDDM:

1.      Reach. The ability to select specific zip codes and carrier routes allows you to target geographically, ensuring your message reaches consumers in areas most relevant to your business. Additional demographic filters exist if you have a slightly more targeted methodology.

2.      Flexibility. The variety of postcard sizes available provides flexibility with your messaging. The smaller formats allow for punchy and compelling copy while larger formats offer room to tell the full story of your product or service.

3.      Value. With no mailing permits or lists to buy and with postage at only 15.7 cents the program is highly economical.

4.      Effective. Print complements repetitive digital cycles and actually strengthens the overall effectiveness of a digital campaign. By adding a high-impact, personalized tactile touch, you create true multi-channel campaigns which increases exposure, response, and prospect engagement.

Your Printing Partner Can Make All the Difference

The less time you devote to coordinating the details of an EDDM campaign, the more time you have to focus on growing your business. Select a printer that has the capabilities to execute all aspects of an EDDM campaign. Look for one that provides:

1.      Printing capabilities. Look for a print shop with both digital and offset printing capabilities. Digital allows for smaller quantities and variable data while offset provides larger runs with custom finishes.

2.      Route selection. Choose a printer that offers a route selection tool as part of the ordering process. This saves you the hassle of manually searching for and choosing specific neighborhoods to target.

3.      Delivery service. Ask if the print shop delivers your order directly to the U.S. Postal Service, so you don’t have to transport the bulk mailing to the post office.

4.      Regulatory expertise. EDDM has very specific bundling and mailing requirements, so confirm that your printer has a mailing services department that is well-versed in the rules and regulations of EDDM.

Make the Most of Direct Mail

Once you understand the logistics and targeting associated with EDDM, the final component to a positive ROI is the actual composition of the piece.

1.      Design. While a full-color piece will cost a bit more, the impact can greatly outweigh the cost variance. Things like high resolution images, bold colors, and clean typography create a high-impact piece that will stand out in the mail.

2.      Copy. Even with the larger size postcard, every word counts. Think about concise, catchy, and compelling copy. Provide enough information to educate, in a way that keeps your prospect engaged and leaves them with something memorable.

3.      Measurement. Being able to prove and improve your marketing spend is a critical component. Special offers, QR codes, and dedicated URL’s are all viable ways to track the campaign, and they reinforce a multi-channel strategy. Be sure that your message is clear and direct, so customers know exactly what to do and where to find you.

Every Door Direct Mail is a highly effective approach to drive actionable results with new customers. EDDM is positioned to be one of the most effective marketing channels for 2014. Its simple cost structure, flexibility, and broad reach is a perfect way to meet your neighbors.