The house is quiet. I have some draft blogs going and a few emails popping up. I turn up the speakers. It’s time. Podcast time.

I’ve been tuning into some great social media podcasts as of late and wanted to share my favorites. They all have their own tones, audiences, formats and specific interests. But they all have one thing in common (besides being a podcast): They’re like me. We are all glued to social media. We have to talk about it. Think about it. Share ideas and thoughts about it. A social media podcast is a great way to hear the latest news, views, ideas and discussions.

There are many social media podcasts out there. Just check out this laundry list. But you don’t have to click each link and hear each one to know the best. I’m nerdy enough to do that for you. So here are my top choices.

For Immediate Release podcast logo
For Immediate Release is a weekly podcast hosted by Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz. They cover PR, technology and social media. It’s well produced and reaches an educated audience interested in the latest issues and news. The podcast is talk format with expert interviews. You can learn a lot and have a good time listening to these folks.

Managing the Gray podcast logo
Managing the GrayC.C. Chapman is a social media guru and in his spare moments, he produces this marketing podcast. From his mouth, he shares tips, news and insights. It’s laid back and simple with some great viewpoints.

six pixels of separation logo
6 Pixels of SeparationMitch Joel, a digital marketing rockstar, showcases his social media expertise with an engaging podcast. In a kitchen table discussion style, he conducts great interviews with other leaders in the space such as Chris Brogan and Seth Godin. It’s truly entertaining with an insightful and often comical spin. This is my favorite one.

Do you tune into podcasts and if so, what are your favorites? Do you make your own? What topics do you like? Turn up the volume and share your thoughts!