Good marketers have a sense of intuition. They often have a knack for knowing their audience and what they want.

Great marketers research. Sure, like the “good” marketers, they probably have a gut feeling about their audience, their audience’s desires and goals. But they don’t stop at a sense of intuition.

They dig into the data.

They challenge their own preconceived notions and look at actual behaviors to find out who’s using a product, what they’re doing with it, how they feel about it, etc.

Key Takeaways: Gen X Demographic Insights

  • Intuition Plus Research Equals Marketing Success: Top marketers blend their intuitive grasp of consumer desires with rigorous data analysis to refine their strategies.
  • Generation X’s Unique YouTube Habits: This demographic’s YouTube engagement reveals three critical insights:
    • Nostalgia Holds Power: Gen Xers frequently seek out content from their past, highlighting the emotional pull of nostalgia in marketing.
    • A Desire to Stay Informed: They use YouTube to stay connected with both global events and their children’s interests, pointing towards content that educates and informs.
    • DIY and Interactive Learning: This group prefers content they can interact with, such as DIY tutorials, suggesting marketers should create content that encourages active participation.
  • Behaviors and Interests Must Be Uncovered, Not Assumed: Effective marketing demands observation and study using tools like Google Trends and YouTube Analytics to truly understand and engage your target demographic.

Great Marketing Strategies Rely on Data & Observation

A new study from Think With Google looks at how the ideas behind this strategic approach apply to Generation X (born between the mid-‘60’s and late ‘70’s) and YouTube. This demographic is responsible for more than 1.5 billion YouTube views per day. Don’t underestimate them!

Check out the three things Gen X’s YouTube use shows marketers who are willing to listen and pivot…

#1 Gen X Embraces Nostalgia

Just about every lost pop icon, TV commercial and movie scene has a home on YouTube. Gen Xers can easily rediscover these relics of the past on YouTube.

#2 Gen X Likes to Be In the Know

YouTube allows Gen Xers to connect with their kids and keep up with both world events and the trends that are important to their children.

#3 Gen Xers Like DIY Content – On Their Own Terms

Gen Xers go to YouTube to learn. But they aren’t passive viewers. They frequently pause, back up, and replay to take it all in. (By the way, YouTube Analytics will show you these types of behaviors when you look at your video analytics.)

Maybe you don’t find any of these behavior insights surprising; maybe you do. Above all the important point to acknowledge is this: behaviors and interests can’t be assumed.

They have to be discovered!

Whatever Demographic You’re Trying to Reach…

…observe and study. Don’t assume. Google Trends, Google Correlate, YouTube Analytics, Google Analytics, Facebook Power Editor… these are all free tools that allow marketers to listen and observe. Use them.

While Think With Google’s insights on Gen X and YouTube are valuable in their own right, I hope they inspire you to reconsider your process as a marketer or business owner.

If you’d like to talk more about researching audiences and gathering data, our team at BuzzPlant would love to share more about our process with you. Drop us a comment below!