Do you consider yourself as a trustworthy business professional?

I’m sure we all feel that we are trusting and we probably are. But perhaps the more important question should be is, do others find you trusting? In business, that could very well be the differential between making a sale or hitting the road looking for another opportunity. Thinking we are trusted is one thing but having others feel we are trusting could be another story. A great story that others will tell for you about you.

Gaining the Trust of others in business can’t be purchased online or in your local stores. You need to earn and gain prospects and clients trust each day and once you do, you need to maintain it as well. It’s not easy but it is rewarding and humbling both as a person and in business to have the trust of others. What better advertisement or endorsement can you receive other than when someone tells others, “Yes, I trust them.” That’s big time. They are not saying their pricing is good. Delivery always on time. They have the latest technology. Customer Service is outstanding. Nope, they are saying it all by saying, “I trust them.” And that cuts deep for many.

You may walk into an office and see various degrees, awards or certifications hanging on the walls of that office. But you won’t see a trust degree. But you can feel it. No data or analytic measurement. Just you alone and your feelings or sense. Trust yourself to trust others.

Unfortunately, we are not the ones that can declare ourselves or our businesses as trustworthy. That’s not our job. Others need to give us their trust. We can not proclaim, “We are trusted advisors or The most trusted name in manufacturing.” Was there a survey taken? Saying we are trusted is created copy not earned recognition by others. Self-endorsement won’t work. However, you can convey to your prospects and clients that “We are working to GAIN your trust.”

How do you gain trust? Not sure if there is a list but being honest, doing your best for others, being reliable and highlighting your other positive personal characteristics that make you who you are may prevent you from being busted when you were looking to be trusted.