Trade shows represent a golden opportunity for your company to showcase the unique services and products only you can provide. Hundreds of potential customers will visit your booth to gain insights into what sets you apart from the competition. However, training booth staff for trade shows is all too often neglected. Below is a quick run-through to help ensure that your booth staff are effective as possible.

The Importance Of Properly Training Trade Show Booth Staff

Take the time to ensure your trade show booth staff has a thorough grasp of the services and/or products your company provides. Fumbling around, having technical difficulties or awkward interactions could cost you a sale. Don’t let your booth staff cost you a sale.

There should be no ambiguity among your staff in regards to what is being exhibited or how product demos are conducted. Set tangible goals for your booth staff to shoot for such as acquiring a set number of solid sales, leads, or interactions per hour.

Determining Your Trade Booth Etiquette

The etiquette of your trade show booth staff should correspond to the clientele you’re hoping to attract. In order for your booth to connect with customers, it’s essential for your staff to understand the target market your company accommodates.

Products meant for children or young adults will likely require a different etiquette than services provided to business executives. A convention that draws primarily housewives should not be promoting with half naked booth staff models.

Once your target audience has been determined, it’s much easier for your booth staff to adjust their etiquette accordingly to increase lead generation, free word of mouth advertising and sales. Get this wrong and kiss your ROI goodbye.

Essential Trade Show Best Practices

  • Attitude And Presentation

For one company, a flirty, fun attitude among trade show booth staff may be the best approach. For others, it may be all about the presenting demos and products in a professional, concise manner. Do not confuse the two. In some case, a convention may require both.

  • Practicing Lead Generation

Training booth staff for trade shows should include factors such as attire and potential customer queries. Consider asking your trade show booth staff to rehearse dialog, practice answering typical questions, performing demonstrations, and other likely scenarios.

  • Briefing And Debriefing

You’ve likely spent months preparing for an upcoming trade show so it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page. Follow up on what’s taken place and have a debriefing conversation after the trade show regarding what went well along with areas for improvement. This may very well determine who makes the cut for the next show.

While offering top quality services and products is a must, the presentation of this material by your trade booth staff is also essential. Bearing these tips in mind going forward, you can expect an increase in the chances your next trade show to be an overwhelming success.