Traditional Marketing MediaTraditional Marketing Media is not dead. In fact it can be a powerful asset to your company.

Action Brochures – Create brochures that not only provide information but also act as a client form or offer a promotion if filled out and sent in or turned in. Use these type of brochures as .pdf files online and as hard copies at tradeshows or your front desk.

Price Book – For years, the company I work for has published a price book which shows all of the services we provide and gives a cost as current as the date it is published. This information is very valuable to your clients and gives them a place to go to as a quick, reference guide.

Supporting Documents – Small books with explanations regarding your services and showing people the value they receive is also huge. This type of information helps keep your clients educated as to the reason why they should use your services.

Hand-Written Letters – Personal letters are rare in today’s world of media. A simple, one page hand-written, (this is important) note can go along ways in solidifying a business relationship.

Promotional Items – Pens, note pads, hand sanitizer, nail files – – simple promotional items are very affordable and help companies maintain a presence with your clients.

Hand-Written Addressed Envelope – Think about this one too. Aren’t you more likely to open a package with your name on it without any reference to the company. If you want to get something important to an executive, follow this advice and your information will make it to your recipient’s desk.

Finally some items to really watch out for: (Do not pay more than $250 for any of these)

  • Advertisements -very costly for an ad, especially in your local newspaper;
  • Events – Make sure you do not pay too much for your name at a golf or fund-raising event. Watch your costs and see what type of return you get.
  • Magazine ads – Stick to free listings where you can.
  • Promotional Items – Paying $5 – $20 for one item can be very costly
  • Sponsorships – How many companies do you remember from the last show you attended that were major sponsors.

These items are some of the best-kept secrets with respect to traditional marketing media. I don’t plan on ditching any of these items, anytime soon. Being different is definitely the best thing to do and these items will clearly give you an advantage over your competition.

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