I recently gave a presentation on exhibit marketing do’s and don’ts to the Philadelphia chapter of SMEI.  For the next several days I kept having these moments where out of the blue I would think, “I should have told them about X”.  It really is impossible to give 10+ years worth of knowledge in 30 minutes.

So I decided to put all these “I should have told them…” ideas into a post each Monday.

The first one is Charging Stations

Next time you exhibit, whether you are a 10 x 10 or 40 x 60 foot booth, spend some extra money on an electric drop in your booth.  Especially if you are a 10 x 10 exhibitor.

You can get something fancy like the station on the left or it can be as simple as a power strip with an Android, iPhone, iPad (they are different) and BlackBerry power supplies.  Or get a couple universal adapters just in case.

When someone comes into your booth, before you start your conversation with them, ask if they have a mobile device they’d like to give some quick juice to.  Trust me, this is a problem all too common at conferences and trade shows.  Especially for folks who are active on social media.  We are always running around looking for a place to plug in for a few minutes.

If I go into a booth and they offer me that opportunity you can be sure I will take advantage of it.  I’ll probably stick around for an extra five or ten minutes talking too.  What may have been a three minute conversation will turn into 10 or 15 minutes just to get a few extra minutes on my battery.  I’ll probably send my friends to your booth to get a charge too.