Business executives and their teams are tasked with compiling masses of data to be categorized, analyzed, digested, and reported to management leaders and boards of directors in every imaginable form.  But, is it really happening?  Are companies able to take on the seemingly insurmountable responsibilities of extracting the right data that will be most useful, analyzing those metrics correctly, and then making sound business decisions?

With call tracking data a company can capture and access essential customer information and discover which marketing efforts are most effective at generating sales.  Metrics on the call traffic that goes through a business includes information that can help them make crucial business decisions and build a powerful database for future marketing efforts.Stats

Call tracking services provide accurate insights to answer many of the business questions that run through the minds of executives every day, and that are discussed during management meetings:

  1. Are we missing potential sales calls, and how does the sales team get those callers back?
  2. Are we spending our marketing and advertising dollars most effectively and in the right places?
  3. How can we improve our employee training programs to reduce turn-over?
  4. On average, how many unique, new leads do we have each month?
  5. What are our customers telling us they need and want from our service?
  6. What markets are we most successful in, and where are our advertising not being effective?
  7. How do we keep a pulse on what our competitors are doing?
  8. Are our reps following to the required script and asking for the sale?

To be successful, and to answer these eight questions, it is crucial for a business to have the ability to capture and access the data contained within their calls.  A business can answer these questions rather easily if they use a robust call tracking system along with call recording technology.  The information required to get to these answers is available in real-time, so data is ‘up to the minute’ and downloadable for easy reporting and analysis.

Call tracking reports quickly and easily segment your call data and provide you with tangible evidence to support strategic marketing, customer service process, and overall business decisions.

Having access to this in-depth data empowers a business with accurate business intelligence and eliminates the guesswork and uncertainty about employee and customer behaviors.