geralt / Pixabay

Last week, we spoke about digital marketing updates you need to know. While some of the trends we discussed last week are set to change the marketing landscape in 2019, these are the trends we believe could change your marketing strategy as early as this summer.

  1. Facebook Stories

Facebook is desperate for users to adopt Facebook Stories.

With Instagram Stories still a booming success, Facebook is struggling to emulate the success of its younger sister.

To encourage more usage, Facebook have prominently placed stories at the top of feeds and combined with Messenger to share stories. However, still only 10% of Facebook’s combined 3.5 billion users use them. What will Facebook do in 2019 to be on top?

  1. LinkedIn Stories

It seems everyone, even perennial late bloomers, LinkedIn are jumping on the stories bandwagon. LinkedIn finally confirmed the rumours they’re testing LinkedIn Stories to Tech Crunch last week.

How successful will the test be and how quickly will we see a LinkedIn story?

  1. User-Generated Content (UGC) and Micro-Influencers

With influencers infiltrating our screens and users becoming more sceptical of a paid influencer, the rise of the micro-influencer will continue in 2019.

And with studies indicating 85% of consumers find visual user generated content more influential than brand photos or videos, engaging your audience to develop your content is a no-brainer. This is both helpful and tactical for businesses. Will your business incorporate UCG in the New Year?

Pinterest have launched carousel ads. These are proving more successful than a single-image ad with Pinterest now allowing up to 5 images in their carousel. These images are published as a slider under the same pin URL. This tool was originally introduced to make ads more attractive however you can now create carousel pins without starting an ad campaign. Will carousel ads be a success for Pinterest?

Will Instagram hold the throne for stories in 2019? Or will Pinterest carousel ads take-over Facebook carousel ads? We’ll continue to monitor and update you on these exciting summer trends.