Creating surveys can help you connect with your customers and get more feedback about ways to serve them better.

You can learn about products or services that your customers need, or you can find out what your customers think of the products and services you are currently offering. Surveys can tell you what you are doing right, and they can tell you what you need to do to improve.

Using the right tool for your survey can help you get the best responses and handle the process easier. Here are the top 10 survey tools for your website:

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is one of the most popular survey tools for all kinds of people, including online marketers, employees organizing meetings, and preschool moms getting feedback for group events.

With the free version of the tool, you can ask up to 10 questions and get answers from up to 100 respondents. There are also a few templates, and there are 15 question types. You can upgrade to the paid version starting at $26 per month to get more options.

Survey Gizmo

You can create surveys with a little more panache with Survey Gizmo. These surveys come with some flashier templates, which can help you grab attention and get more people to participate.

You can create unlimited surveys with unlimited questions with the free version, but you’re limited to 50 respondents. Get more options with the paid version, starting at $15 per month.

Survey Planet

Survey Planet offers some of the most options with its free version. You get unlimited surveys with unlimited questions and answers from unlimited respondents. You have multiple themes, and you can embed your surveys.

With the paid version, you can remove the branding, print your results, and export your results to excel.

Google Forms

You can’t really go wrong with Google — well, in most cases. Google Forms allows you to create unlimited surveys for unlimited respondents. All of the answers will be automatically put into a Google spreadsheet for easy analysis.

The tool is 100 percent free, with no paid options. You can add your own logo, images and videos, and you can embed the survey in your website or email.


Create beautiful yet elegant surveys with unlimited questions and answers with Typeform. You can create custom themes or use one of the templates on the site, and you can export all your data.

The free version starts at $25 per month and includes advanced features like the ability to send follow-up emails to respondents.

Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat doesn’t offer a free version, but at only $25 per month, you get a lot of great features. The basic plan allows you to have 50 contacts and two surveys per contact per year. You can include your company branding, and you get round-the-clock support.

Gold and platinum plans are also available that give you many more contacts and unlimited surveys.

Pop Survey

Pop Survey delivers your survey questions one at a time so that users are more likely to answer. The single questions look more like individual polls, and users will happily click through when they are only faced with one question at a time.

You can include multiple question types, as well as images to your survey. You can also analyze survey results in your personal dashboard. Plans start at $24 per month for three surveys and 300 responses. A free option is not available — unless you count the trial.


Create multi-page and multimedia surveys with Surveypal. You can employ creative options for your survey, such as a slider scale for people to indicate how strongly they feel about an issue.

Surveypal is free for up to 100 responses, but you’ll have to pay $40 per month for the Premium Plan, which includes up to 1,000 responses.


Obsurvey provides simple survey options so you can get the information you need without a lot of fanfare. You can choose from survey templates or customize your design, but the tool works with just basic questions.

You can conduct offline surveys also, and you can export online answers to a PDF. The paid version is $12 per month, and it allows you unlimited surveys and other features.

Surveys are just one of the ways that you can increase engagement with your audience. You need to use the best tools to get the most out of this opportunity and ensure that you have the feedback you need to grow your company.