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You clicked, didn’t you?

And yet, you could also argue that you’re sick of marketing predictions pieces, especially ones that claim to be earth-shattering, but are actually obvious. Starting in November, you see them, read them, then… start deleting them. You then become more selective by only reading the ones from esteemed thought leaders or people that have made a name for themselves in that industry.

So, why do we feel like we can write a predictions piece?

  1. It’s November.
  2. We’re pretty damn esteemed.

So, before you get inundated with predictions, here are ours – earlier, accurate and likely in line with your thought process:

Prediction No. 1: Artificial intelligence

Remember when everyone wanted to use artificial intelligence for marketing? Whether you’re using it for PPC advertising, AI-powered content, automated image recognition, or something else, it’s not going away. In fact, about 30 percent of our conversations will be assisted by machines by 2018 says Gartner.

Prediction No. 2: Viral content

Marketing teams have been ideating over that one epic viral piece of content that will make them famous for years. It will always be a trending goal. However, the piece of it that gets a bit more complicated is all the platforms it can be distributed on and where to place it first to make it go viral. This will be considered more in 2018.

Prediction No. 3: Personalization or purpose-driven marketing

Whether it’s a blog, editorial contribution, tweet, Facebook post or Instagram photo, content that gets posted will get shared and liked more in 2018 if it’s personalized or tugs at your heart strings. Take the marketing jargon out and allow your customers to connect with your personal brand.

Prediction No. 4: Mobile-first marketing strategies

More than 3 billion people had access to the Internet by 2016, according to IDC. More than 2 billion of them used mobile devices to access it. Rethink your marketing priorities if your company cannot market to the mobile universe. Make changes fast, or you’ll be way behind in the coming year.

Prediction No. 5: Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has been around forever, but in 2018 the micro influencers (audience of 1,000 to 100,000 people) will continue to gain popularity compared to broader, more established influencers that have around 10 million followers. If you search anything about micro influencers that have specific niches, you’ll see they are 4 times more likely to gain comments on posts than more established, well-known macro influencers.

What else do you anticipate in the year ahead?